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Dissertation Methodology : A Strategy to convey your Research Overview

Methodology Dissertation is most vital part of the dissertation as it outlines, how research is carried out and illustrates about the analytical procedures executed to draw conclusions by analysis of data.

There are two types of research and analysis techniques:

In order to know which kind of techniques you need to follow, a prior literature survey is required to be done on how much knowledge has been gained so far on the topic. If there is quite a lot of research already done on the given topic primary techniques are to be followed otherwise, you have to devise new techniques that will come under secondary research techniques.

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It is very important to follow a proper structure while writing a methodology, Include at least 5 distinct chapters in a dissertation methodology structure, with each is providing specific details though they should be interconnected as they are about a single topic.

Guidelines to write a proper Dissertation Methodology Structure:

The basic methodology template comprises of:

  1. Introduction and philosophy
  2. Literature review
  3. Methodology chapter
  4. Data analysis chapter
  5. Conclusion

Dissertation methodology section wise: 

However writing dissertation methodology is a complex and extensive piece of research with requires a lot of time.

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