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Comprehensible Dissertation Structure Plan

Writing & submitting an incomparable dissertation on-time is necessary for the young students to gain high grades. Before you proceed to drafting a dissertation plan, there are various things that you need to keep in your mind.

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Getting Started with the Dissertation Structure Plan

In order to form your dissertation, it is very important that you go through the dissertation structure. Look what is important and what are the points that are need to be included.

First of all you need write all the things that you are going to cover.

Title Page

The title of your dissertation should be good, and it should tell what your dissertation is all about.


The Abstract is one of the shortest sections of your dissertation. It includes the summary of your dissertation, which includes key findings.


The introduction part describes your research in a short and easy way. In an introduction, you need to include things that you are going to address in your dissertation.


In this section, you need to include the research that has been done by you, the issues, contradictions, a detailed research on your topic, etc.

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You need to include the theoretical foundations of your approach

Methodology Chapter

This section contains information about sampling procedures, methodological approach, validity and reliability, ethics of your data collection. You should properly answer the questions like how, why and what.


The implications that your findings have. The issues that are raised in the review and the findings in the context of your profession.


Your conclusion will include the implication of your findings in theory or field of study and what is your contribution.

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