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Dissertation Structure UK

Dissertation Structure UK

Let Us Help in Making Your Dissertation Structure Perfect and Compliant

You have your heart set on writing your dissertation but not finding a proper structure which should be met in your dissertation? This is a common problem faced by many people and they start searching for a proper dissertation structure.

Let us help you by explaining a proper dissertation structure through which you can attain the best remarks from your academic committee -

  1. Title Page - This is the front page of your dissertation which sets forth the topic of your dissertation, your name, university and department.
  2. Acknowledgement - The acknowledgement section states the names of people who guided the author to complete the dissertation.
  3. Table of Contents - This section includes all chapters and sub chapters of the dissertation along with the page numbers they are on. Some universities require this section after abstract. So, before initiating check the rules.
  4. Abstract - It is a summary of your work which encompasses the details of your work and findings to a reader in brief. It is the section that enables a reader to grasp the basic idea behind your dissertation.
  5. Introduction - Introduction states the problem pertaining to your research area and it should be written in a catchy language that soon holds the attention of a potential reader.
  6. Literature Review - In this section you will be initiating with historical discussion that means including all previous searches and discussion about your chosen topic. Furthermore, inclusion of your contribution is also essential into the section.
  7. Methodology - Methodology includes the primary sources, methods and techniques which led an author to gather empirical data required to complete the research.
  8. Findings and Discussion - Findings and discussions can be detailed together or separately, but it depends upon the type of problem you are discussing in the section. All findings and discussions that led you to reach to a satisfactory conclusion are mentioned in this section.
  9. Conclusion - Here you require stating a conclusion upon which you have reached after going through all research, findings and discussions.
  10. Bibliography - You need to mention all the references or reliable sources without which you were not able to conduct your research proficiently.

With the above mentioned dissertation structure, you will be able to make your dissertation well structured. But, it is required that you ask for additional sections your professor or academic committee wants you to include in your dissertation.

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