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Meritorious Topics for Writing HRM Dissertations Here

The need of HRM dissertation topics is user-specific. Not all topics on HRM are fit for the students studying at different levels of an HRM course. The varying levels of complexity calls for the need of writing dissertations with extensive research. HRm subject is quite a vast one. To write an HRm dissertation effectively, one can explore the topic deeply and widely and then it is advisable to zero in on the dissertation problem so that your approach looks quite an organized one.

Major roles of HRM Department

HRM performs four key functions in an organization. Various dissertation topics pertaining to these functions are:

Staffing Dissertation Topics

Staffing is the key role of HRM. Right from hiring the best hand to allocating a department, human resource manager has to see that the whole process is carried out smoothly. Here, HR follows the role of a recruiter and head hunts in order to get the best possible help to suit the requirements of the job. Some important staffing dissertation Topics are:

Training and Development Dissertation topics

Training a resource is one of the major responsibilities of an HR manager. There is a dire need to mould the new entrant as per the work environment of the organization. Sometimes, it may be required to make a resource more skillful than what he is at present. It is observed that during tough times, this activity takes a backseat in the strugling organization; however, it is not wise to undermine its importance. Some crucial training and development dissertation topics are:

Motivation forms the crux of an employer-employee relationship. Both the employees as well as employer are able to get into a cohesive bond if they have something beneficial to offer to each other. Motivation theories are mostly based on the psychological complexity of human nature, and that is why, it is advisable for an HRM expert to know the employee completely. If you need to master the art of motivation, you must be aware of the four most practiced motivational theories:

Understanding what individuals require

Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy Equity Theory
Alderfer’s ERG Theory Cognitive Evaluation Theory
McClelland’s Needs Theory Vroom’s Expectancy Model
Two-FActor theory By Herzberg Reinforcement Theory
Theory ‘X’ and Theory ‘Y’ - Gregor Goal Establishment Theory
  Theory of Self-efficacy

Some very interesting motivation dissertation topics worth considering are:

Maintenance Dissertation Topics

Maintenance is the forth most crucial activity of HRM department in an organization. A lot of wear and tear happens throughout a financial year and the onus of keeping the premises presentable and all hard resources functional is one of the core responsibilities of an HR manager. Thus, as a student studying HR, you may require addressing various issues pertaining to making premise a ground for healthy work environment. Some of the high scoring maintenance in HRM dissertation topics are:

  1. HR in action - How it helps in achieving an updated work premise
  2. Maintenance - what challenges HR faces
  3. When to stand for change - from HR’s perspective
  4. How clean premises help in keeping employees motivated
  5. Taking care of small things like first-aid box to huge issues such as cutting down of electricity expenses
  6. Duties of HR in maintaining soft resources

Important tools of HRM

HR Manager needs to master certain tools so that he/she can manage the human resource with least possible friction. Apart from motivation and training & development, there are few other tools that can be used by an HR expert. As a student, you can fathom these areas by writing engaging dissertations on topics pertaining to these areas:

Appraisal: A lot depends upon how organization treats its employees. Performance appraisal is a way to demonstrate how the work of an employee has contributed or not contributed in the growth of an organization. There are a number of ways of performance appraisal and as an aspirant of HR, you can consider writing dissertation on appraisal topics; such as:

Strategy: A lot of strategising goes into HR management. An organization faces many challenges throughout the work cycle and HR needs to help everybody in the organization in staying motivated irrespective of the kind of phase prevalent. Thus, there is a wide scope for writing dissertations keeping HR strategies in mind:

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