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Marketing Dissertation Topics that can help you fetch better grades

Marketing Dissertation is supposed to be very focussed. As a marketing student, you require working on a variety of assignments - theses, dissertations, case studies, essays and many more. Of all these types, dissertations carry lot of weight and that is why; students are both excited as well as nervous about writing these. If you get help in selecting topics that provide you ample scope for exploration as well as illustration, you are likely to write dissertations with great interest.

Marketing Dissertation - is your topic doing its job?

Dissertation is supposed to address an issue and provide a feasible solution towards it too. The role of your marketing dissertation topic is to provide you with a direction which you should follow to conduct a research. A quality topic for writing dissertation on marketing is one that:

Different premises of marketing management and topics related to them

Marketing is defined as the management process through which movement of a product or service from the maker to the consumer is made possible. Normally, the moment somebody utters ‘marketing’, the first thing that comes in the listener’s mind is - advertising. In fact, advertising is like a tip of the iceberg. This is the only visible aspect that a consumer comes in direct contact with. But, the truth is that the marketing is way wider and deeper than advertising only.

Marketing is unimaginable without marketing research. Thus, to excel the art of marketing a person needs to be very strong in research skills. This aspect is most challenging for those students who do not have much interest in number crunching.

Important techniques involved in marketing research are:

16 Important Marketing Research Techniques are:

Advertising and promotions research Online marketing intelligence
Branding and positioning research Survey and mystery shopping
Sales forecasting and revenue measurement Pricing policy decisions
Cultural influence research Price elasticity tests and variance models
Buying behaviour research Market segmentation research
Customer satisfaction research Social media marketing research
Demand forecasting Store audits and reordering decisions
Distribution channel analysis Logistics and distribution channels research

Marketing dissertation topics can be based on these important techniques of conducting a marketing research; such as:

  1. How culture influences a marketing campaign
  2. What factors affect a buyer decision and ways to create need for the product in the consumer’s mind
  3. Important advertising tools effective for launching a multi-speciality hospital
  4. Role of pre-order survey in estimating demand and how to sample the target group for demand analysis
  5. Role of internet marketing in success of an e-commerce store
  6. Understanding various kinds of buying behaviours and use of correct advertising strategy for various segments of buyers
  7. Audit of distribution channels for creating a sound sales and distribution policy
  8. Ways to position the product in the minds of consumers and role of endorsements in it
  9. Sales forecasting tools for planning an advertising campaign
  10. Survery and online panels - exploring the truth behind these research tools
  11. Site audit of a famous multi-brand online store and understanding the factors contributing to its success

4 P’s of Marketing Management Dissertation Topics

Famous marketer E. Jerome McCarthy proposed that marketing process can be classified into 4 P’s:

Product, Price, Place and Promotions - 4 Ps of Marketing Dissertation Topics

All these 4 Ps are the corner stones on which marketers can build a sound marketing strategy. A meritorious marketing student can write dissertations using these marketing topics:

  1. What products are sold using persuasive advertising and understanding the implication and influence of persuasive advertising
  2. Can too much focus on globalization affect the brand image?
  3. How an effective marketing campaign can revive the reputation of a failing brand
  4. Comparative analysis of Point of purchase promotions and online promotions
  5. How online store is serving the dual purpose of point of sale and point of promotions
  6. Role of internet and social media in building brand awareness
  7. Is comparison advertising a wise way of promoting a product? Examine pros and cons

Mobile marketing - Important dissertation topics on mobile marketing

Mobile has become an ultimate solution for all needs. People do not use it only as a communication medium and so marketers look upon it as a promising platform for applying the marketing ideas. Some dissertation topics on mobile marketing are:

  1. How to tap mobile users who you can contact only on permission
  2. How to build brand image using mobile as a marketing tool
  3. Important product categories that can be marketed profitably through mobiles
  4. How and when to start a mobile marketing campaign for maximizing revenues
  5. Push and pull mobile marketing strategies - important implications
  6. Role of CRM in building brand loyalty in a mobile marketing environment

Marketing and Consumer Psychology - Interesting dissertation topics

Marketing is all about understanding consumer psychology and using it to the benefit of product or service. There is a lot of scope for research in this field and accordingly, one can choose to write a detailed dissertation using topics such as:

  1. Using motivational pull strategy for making a branding campaign successful
  2. Word-of-mouth publicity: Understanding its role in failure or success of any brand
  3. Influence of decision making entity on success of various product categories
  4. Chalking out a promotional plan keeping the decision making unit functional behind any purchase - case of pharmaceutical company
  5. How beliefs and religions can influence buying behaviour

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