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 Economics Dissertation Topics

The most irksome task for most of the individuals or students is the selection of a suitable dissertation topic which can be accomplished smoothly with the help of an expert writer.

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On this page, some interesting and helpful Economic dissertation topics are provided. You can refer them.

Economics is a field that requires practice and hard work that you cannot escape it. Correctness, logic and preparation are the things that require to be placed into your economics dissertation to make it approved. But, unfortunately, not all are capable to craft a great piece of research paper. If you require economics dissertation topics then read the article, many topics are suggested to help you -

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Topics on Economic Geography »

This branch relates the places with economical action. Economic geography is not only limited to the relation between economics and the places. Within regions, there are dynamics that shape the environment and economic activity. Have a look at dissertation topics on economic geography -
  • The role of local culture in formulating entrepreneurial actions in relation to different approaches to business.
  • What role do emigrants play in introducing new entrepreneurial attitudes.
  • The growing relevance of Social reputation and competition in business in certain areas.
  • A study of the difference in entrepreneurial behaviour in rural and urban areas.
  • An analysis of the importance and influence of local culture in mature sectors that operate in small towns.
  • The importance of local culture in promoting regional innovation networks.
  • Studying the factors that can simplify knowledge transference in a specific area.
  • Investigating the opportunity that lies in formulating local policies for local clusters.
  • The effect of local proximity on networks: a study of co-localised and dispersed networks.
  • The importance of location for companies: an analysis of location of top 50 IT firms in UK.
  • Studyinmg the major factors that are causing regional divergence- analysing the richest and poorest regions in UK.

Topics on Institutional Economics

It includes the study of institutes, firms and markets. It looks at all firms from a local shop to multinational company & industries.

Industrial Economics lets us understand issues such as: The level at which capacity, production and pricing scales are set, the degree that products are distinguished from each other, how much a firm invest in R&D (Research and Development) and how & why companies advertise? Some dissertation topics on industrial economics are -
  • The role of habits and routines in determining productivity- a case of _______________
  • Studying the impact of culture mix on the organisation of firms in UK
  • Studying the effectiveness of property market in UK from an institutional perspective
  • Studying the relationship between transaction cost and economic development
  • Analysis of ownership and control in UK from an institutional perspective
  • A study of differences between the characteristics of British manager and investors
  • Exploring the relationship between job experience and entrepreneurship
  • The growing importance of formal training in developing entrepreneurship- the case of UK
  • The comparison of latent entrepreneurship in UK and Europe

Topics on Macroeconomics

It is a sub field of economics that deals with the performance, behaviour and decision making process of a firm not as an individual but as a whole. Dissertation topics on macroeconomics are as follows -
  • The influence of interest rates on consumption in UK
  • Studying the depth of the effect of oil price changes on the level of British consumption
  • The factors effecting inequality in salaries in various regions in UK
  • The causes and effects of the evolution of exchange rates in UK
  • An overview of the economic growth and productivity in Uk over the last century
  • A study of the relationship between FDI and interest rates in UK
  • The effect of inflation on the profits of a firm- an analysis of UK
  • The relationship between unemployment and regional mobility of labour- an
  • Analysis of UK Analysis of relationship between economic growth and unemployment in UK

Topics on Economic Sociology

This subfield refers to sociological aspects which influence the economics of institutions, firms and their relationships. This branch explores how professional and private relationships affect business. Possible dissertation topics on economic sociology include -
  • An increase in innovative activities as a result of social networks.
  • Analysing the important role played by family for the provision of funds in start up businesses.
  • How do private networks acts as facilitator for start up business.
  • Studying the changes that had taken place in the role of family over the years in British traditional sectors.
  • The study of increased productivity in creative industries as a result of cultural mix- a study of UK.
  • The critical role of social capital in British creative industries.
  • What role does the university networks play in entrepreneurial action.
  • A study of a new concept of social entrepreneurship in UK.

Topics on Microeconomics

Microeconomics is one of the most important fields of economics and it analyses the behaviour of firms and individual consumers to understand decision making process of companies. Some dissertation topics on microeconomics are -
  • Changes in consumer behaviour and evolution of consumption in UK in the last 10 years.
  • A study of mergers and its relation to productivity in UK firms.
  • Do oligopoly actually exists in British markets- a case of strategic interdependence How can knowledge creation be facilitated within a firm.
  • How are innovative firms characterised in UK and its comparison with that in Europe.
  • The impact of regional policy on SMEs in Britain.
  • Analysing the effects of regulation on British industry.
  • The relation between size and profit of a firm- an analysis of manufacturing concerns.

Topics on Regional Development

This field is the provision of assistance and aid to those regions which are less developed. The component of economic development and growth works at this level. The dissertation topics on regional development provided below will give you ideas for your dissertation -
  • Analysis of relationship between profit and regional development
  • The growth of entrepreneurial networks and its effects on regional development
  • Relationship between infrastructure and regional development
  • How to encourage learning, innovation and knowledge creation in regional development
  • Understanding the contribution of location theories in understanding regional development
  • The effect of growth of new firms on regional development
  • Impact of growth of technology on regional development
  • Analysing the regional aspects of entrepreneurship in UK
  • The relationship between entrepreneurship and unemployment in the context of UK

Topics on Employment Economics »

In this field of economics, two important issues are employment and unemployment. Economic & social perspectives are significant for society, because employment not only impacts the finances of people, but also influences their relationships with society. Dissertation topics on employment economics may include -
  • A study of job creation and destruction in UK.
  • The factors that affect or determine self employment in UK.
  • Analysing the impact of minimum wages on employment in Britain.
  • The effects of technological innovation on unemployment in britain- an analysis of manufacturing industry.
  • Studying the similarities and differences in the demand of skilled and non skilled labour in UK.
  • Comparison of self employment in UK and Europe.
  • An analysis of government support for promoting self employment in UK.
  • The impact of immigration on employment and productivity in Britain.
  • The effects of professional training on employment in Britain.

Topics on Financial Economics »

The significance of financial markets cannot be avoided in terms of modern economies. This is a branch that deals with allocating and deploying economic resources. Few dissertation topics on financial economics listed here may prove to be helpful for your dissertation -
  • Analysing the factors that motivate British investors
  • A comparative study of financial structure of firms in Britain and Europe
  • Analysing financial markets and financial intermediation in UK
  • Study of the temporary and permanent element of asset prices in UK
  • Do small enterprises in UK achieve higher profitability rates as compared to large corporations
  • The characteristics and strength of relationship between investment and cash flow in UK
  • Appropriateness of theoritical model of tipping in independent hotels: a case study of 3 hotels in UK
  • A qualitative study of customers of UK food chain restaurants
  • Can competency based pay be used to improve employee motivation in hotel industry
  • What role can grass-roots education at a local level play in introducing sustainable tourism in developing countries
  • Concept of the green tourist
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