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 Nursing Dissertation Topics

Nursing Dissertation Topics

 Students enrolled in a nursing course require writing a dissertation or thesis. This is a common thing to get stuck in the process of finding a dissertation topic that can bring the attention of everyone towards it. Finding nursing dissertation topics can be a tricky task for most of the individuals.

If you are in search of interesting thesis or dissertation topics on nursing then read the list of thesis topics listed here. If you want to discuss about your nursing dissertation then our experts can give you the suggestions you need. Have a look at nursing dissertation topics mentioned below -

Clinical management

Clinical management is the process of directing the treatment & care of patients & group of patients. Some dissertation topics for clinical management are mentioned here -
  • What are the likely risks and issues and risks in the medical management of patients suffering from prostate cancer?
  • How has management of patients in ICUs changed as a result of new guidelines?
  • Are elderly patients tough to be taken care of as compared to their younger counterparts?
  • How can patients who have had post-traumatic stress disorders be optimally managed?
  • How drug dependence in prisons is clinically managed and psychosocially treated?
  • Does the decision making and self evaluation of patients help in effectively managing surgical cases?
  • How can patients suffering from chronic pain be properly managed?
  • Can infectious diseases be controlled by interventions in medical management?
  • How are patients having high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases managed clinically?

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Public health

Public health includes the efforts made for preventing disease & promoting health. This area involves improvising the quality of health & life of people. You can find dissertation topics on public health here -

  • Critically assess the affect of healthcare interventions on public health in the United Kingdom.
  • What are the risks that contaminated drinking water is likely to pose on public health in emerging countries?
  • Natural disasters bring with them serious health complications. Discuss.
  • The social impact of AIDS.
  • How effective is regular exercising in preventing cardiovascular risks?
  • How important is a public health policy to reduce obesity in young people?
  • Does poverty leads to most of the childhood diseases?
  • What is the response of public health towards the prevention of cancer?
  • Diabetes – a public health issue and ensuing lifestyle interventions.
  • Does binge drinking among young adults a glaring problem of public health?

Community Nursing

Community nursing is an area of nursing that is a mix of primary health care & nursing practice. You can focus your thesis on any one of the dissertation topics on community nursing listed below -
  • Elderly outpatient care and other nursing services.
  • Is examining the nutritional status of young ones an important part of community nursing?
  • Can health be promoted by means of community nursing practice?
  • How does collaborative working of policy makers, nurses, GPs and social workers help in providing better service?
  • How helpful is it for patients to use nursing services post surgeries?
  • Has the quality of life of elder people improved due to community nursing?
  • How crucial is community nursing for elderly people with chronic illnesses?
  • Critically evaluate the nursing services for neonates and pregnant women?


Midwifery deals with the problems of pregnant women & the professionals in this profession offer care to these women. Here are some dissertation topics on midwifery you can prepare your thesis on -
  • How important are midwives in high-risk pregnancies?
  • Can caesarean sections be effectively managed with the support of a nurse-midwife intervention team?
  • What model of care is followed in standard midwifery practice in the UK?
  • Can the outcomes of pregnancy be improved with the help of midwives?
  • Do midwives play an influential role in decision-making among pregnant women?
  • What affects the competence of midwives in a hospital setting?
  • How do Midwives’ describe and perceive pregnant women who were prone to substance misuse?
  • What is the role of midwives in managing the health risks of women due to postpartum depression?
  • Do midwives in UK maintain confidentiality of patient information?

Health Organisations

Some of the major health organisations support & prepare health plans. The R & D approaches of these health organisations can provide some research topics to you. Some possible dissertation topics on health organisations include -

  • Role of National Institute of Health in UK healthcare sector.
  • How effective have the WHO policies been in addressing child development?
  • How effective is the NHS in providing care and services to the elderly people?
  • Are there any novel directions in healthcare policies and services?
  • How effective has WHO been in focusing on the health related needs of emerging countries?
  • Evaluate the culture and organisational dynamics inside National Health Service.
  • How do international healthcare organisations strategize their work?
  • Healthcare plans and associated costs of nations across the world.

Evidence-based practice

This branch of nursing places significance in nursing interventions & this is the widely accepted practice. Find some dissertation topics on evidence based practice listed below -
  • Can evidence based practice act as a model for change?
  • How important are ethics and leadership in evidence based nursing practice?
  • Can evidence-based guidelines prove effective in augmenting quality healthcare?
  • A theoretical and practical look into Evidence-based practice for clinical interventions.
  • Is reflection important in evidence-based practice?
  • Critically evaluate the effectiveness of evidence-based practice in clinical care.
  • How effectively can diseases be managed by using evidence-based medicine?

Environmental Health

Environmental health is a branch of public health that addresses all the environmental factors affecting the health of a person.  If this field intrigues you, then you can explore many dissertation topics on environmental health here -
  • What are the health related consequences of the different forms of pollution in big cities?
  • Do toxic chemicals have any negative effect on the reproductive health of individuals?
  • How harmful are nuclear wastes for human health?
  • How important is it to maintain sanitary hygiene in emerging countries?
  • What are the best ways of disposing noxious wastes?
  • The health implication for workers employed in lead and asbestos factories.
  • Passive smoking – can it be equally deadly as active smoking?
  • Why is food poisoning on the rise in many cities?
  • How important is awareness regarding environmental safety and the health risks as a consequence of environmental degradation?
  • What role can community play in saving the environment from degrading?

Occupational health and safety

Occupational health and safety is the area that deals with protecting health & safety of people engaged in employment. The goals of this discipline include promoting a healthy work environment. Here are some dissertation topics on Occupational health and safety -
  • What are the most optimal ways of avoiding work related physical injuries?
  • How are stress, occupational safety and health of workers related with one another?
  • How are occupational safety and health needs managed in companies?
  • Why is occupational health and safety being so stressed upon in companies?
  • Occupational health psychology and interventions in stress management.
  • Initiatives taken by an international firm regarding occupational health and safety at its workplace.
  • What can be the long run implications of work related stress on employees?

Mental Health

The mental health needs may vary from person to person. Mental illness can be prevented by taking appropriate measures. Here are some dissertation topics on mental health listed below -
  • How effective are psychiatric treatments for schizophrenic patients?
  • What is the best way to address the mental health needs of adults having depression?
  • What are the mental health needs of females who have been victims of physical and sexual abuse?
  • Critically compare and contrast the mental health related issued in rural and urban areas.
  • Do societal pressures create mental sickness and depression among homosexuals and bisexuals?
  • Does mental health deteriorates as a consequence of unemployment?
  • Mentally challenged people and their socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • Is suicide directly linked with mental sickness?

Nursing models and theories

Nursing models & theories play an important role in clinical decision making & provide a base for modifying or changing healthcare perspectives. Here are some dissertation topics on nursing models and theories discussed below -
  • What viewpoints are taken from nursing theories in nursing practice?
  • To what extent are the nursing theories applied in medical decision making?
  • The Roper Logan Tierney model and how it is applied in nursing practice?
  • McGill Model of Nursing and holistic nursing practice.
  • How important are nursing theories and models in medical interventions?
  • Critically compare and contrast McGill model of nursing, Roper Logan Tierney model and Neuman’s systems model.
  • Is reflection important in nursing practice?
Roper Logan Tierney model and its use in nursing practice for treatment of psychiatric patients.


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