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Best Accounting Dissertation Writing Help Ideas & Example

Writing a dissertation on accounting topics is one of the high scoring assignments that a student needs to do during the academic year. Dissertation is the way to explore a topic critically and find out what is happening in regards to the problem addressed in it. Sometimes, there is no problem but only exploration of the past occurrences and their relevance in the current scenario. The student can discuss various aspects of a situation, topic or a field and give his viewpoint by carrying out research.

Important accounting dissertation topics worth exploring


Bookkeeping is keeping records of day-to-day financial transactions that happen during a business day. Important bookkeeping Accounting dissertation topics are:

  • Difference between revenue expenditure and capital expenditure
  • Important bookkeeping tools - advantages and limitations
  • Different kinds of journal entries and their relevance in preparing trial balance
  • What is distinction between capital reserve and provision?
  • What is the purpose of a trial balance and how to prepare it?

Management Accounting

The process of preparing of reports pertaining to accounts and financial transactions so that the management decisions, for day-to-day activities and short terms can be taken. Management accounting dissertation topics are:

  • Principles of management accounting and its main objectives
  • Horizontal information asymmetry and its effect on budget proposals
  • Historical perspective on accounting management interface
  • Accounting and management control in growing economies
  • Behavioural implications of management accounting on organization decision-making
  • Performance management and accounting metrics - evaluation methods

Stocks and Share Capital

Raising capital by distributing ownership rights to the investors is known as equity financing. A number of factors are functional behind creating interest among investors towards a particular project. Corporate ethics and transparency of information are important factors that can make or break the situation for an upcoming project. Important dissertation topics related to stocks and share capital are:

  • Measuring and projecting liquidity in the stock markets
  • Stock return and corporate capital structure
  • Interest Rate Differentials, Capital Mobility and Devaluation Expectations: Evidence from European Markets
  • Trading in equity markets: Individual, institutional and corporate trading decisions and difference in investment behaviours

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Regional, National and Global Economies

Economies are function of finance decisions that are taken at all the levels starting from local to global level. Family is the smallest unit of an economy and its income and other aspects are influenced a lot by the financial decisions taken at international and global level. Some of the dissertation topics worth considering are:

  • Inflation: How it affects the per capita income
  • Employment: Are national economies giving way to entrepreneurship - an Asian Perspective
  • Poverty: How economic policies are working towards bridging the gap between various sections of society
  • Role of WTO and its relevance in global economy
  • FDI: How is it changing the face of global economy

How to write a compelling dissertation proposal

Dissertation writing is not something that you can complete overnight. So, you must choose topics that justify the time and energy you are going to invest in writing it. There has to be a scope for exploration, a platform for discussion and a solution for any problem that you might want to solve by the way of writing a dissertation. Thus, to achieve a compelling dissertation proposal, you must do the following:

  • Choose topic that interests you the most.
  • Do literature review and find related articles, journals and book sources, etc. to find the information available.
  • While doing literature review, make note of important and interesting information that you would love to explore further.
  • Make a list of questions that arise from the readings.
  • See how your dissertation topic is answering those questions that has remained unexplored in the existing literature.
  • Choose one or more of such questions and find if you can answer them with the help of dissertation.
  • Also, you should have a hypothetical answer in your mind. Answer should not be too obvious and research should be able to refute or support it.
  • Now make a statement out of the answer in a clear, concise manner.
  • Present it to the reviewer for approval. Your presentation should reflect your clarity of thought and zeal to learn.
  • Also, mention clearly, what research methodology you think is suitable and how you will go about it.

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