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Framing Dissertation introduction

Framing Dissertation

How To Design Introduction Of A Dissertation

April 03, 2016 3967 Views

Dissertation introduction is the opening paragraph of your writing and the most read, which provides your readers with their initial impressions of your argument by your writing style. A vague, disorganized, or boring introduction create a bad impression.

However, a concise and well-written introduction will attract and impress your reader. This impression is especially important when you are writing an academic dissertation. You should seize the opportunity, the introduction is your only chance to keep your readers reading, you should make it want to read by including the thesis with your main argument.

Students should avoid some statements such as “In this paper, I will argue...”. It is neither convincing nor attracting the reader.
It is more effective to write what you mean in a declarative sentence. It is more convincing. You should mention your main argument confidently.

The Best Dissertation introduction should include this three parts:

  • Background: It informs, in short, about the general context of your writing,
  • The problem: It presents the considered problem and the main purpose of the paper, what is the problem that will be resolved.
  • The proposed solution: It should highlight your research and results without explanation, just a brief mention of them.

Writing an introduction should follow these Do and don't


  • You should present the general explanation of the subject
  • Give examples striking facts
  • Start your introduction by a surprising fact, humor or quotation
  • Give a preview of how you are going to analyze and answer on your thesis
  • Present definitions, cause, and results
  • Put down the main question
  • You can use; other than paragraph in the introduction, it depends on the type of the subject,
  • Keep the attention of the reader by showing that the subject will be interesting
  • Introduce all main points that you will explain
  • Give your point of view with the thesis statement.


  • Students should not refer to the title in the introduction,
  • Don't use trite approaches like: I am going to describe
  • Don't start your introduction by Dictionary definition
  • The introduction should not be too long
  • Most of the students are seeking how to write their introduction, It is the main part of their paper and requires a great language style in order to convince and also possess a summarizing skills

Dissertation first provides a high qualified service which can help students to complete their dissertations. This service can stop your worries about your writing.Students should write their dissertation with a clear presentation of the purpose for conducting new research. The first sentence should be attractive in order to keep attention and impress readers. Dissertation help students to develop their background and research skills and be able to express their ideas.

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