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5 Inventions That Revolutionized Our Life

5 Inventions That Revolutionized Our Life

Know about the five inventions that have made our life convenient

December 05, 2017 8022 Views

Can you ever think of a life where you have to travel miles of distance walking, or do hundreds of calculations manually, and stand in queue for hours in banks for every minor work? Once in a while, you can do these tasks by yourself, but what if you are asked to do them daily? Well, you will laugh and say that why we need to do all this as there are cars, calculators, and ATMs for these tasks. Today, we cannot even think of our life without these amenities, it seems as if they have always existed. But, let’s not forget the fact that there was a time when none of these machines were invented and people lived without these facilities. Over time, these devices have made our life more comfortable and convenient as we can now complete work in a few minutes which earlier used to take hours. All thanks to those great inventors who invented these machines that help us to save our energy and time.

Let’s take a look at some of the inventions that have made our everyday life effortless:

1. Telephones

Alexander Graham Bell invented the first ever telephone in the year 1876, and since then telephones have reformed the whole process of communication. Earlier, it used to take days to send messages from one person to another who were from different countries or cities. Now, you can connect to any person to convey your message in a few seconds. It has made the long-distance communication quicker and easier. Mobile phones are the compact version of telephones and have added to the convenience, people can now have more private conversations. Everything is now available on your mobile phones from maps to music.

2. ATMs

Automated Teller Machine was invented in 1967 by the team lead by Scottish inventor John Shepherd-Barron. ATM has made our banking tasks so much better as compared to the time when people used to stand in a long queue for every basic work in banks. A person just needs to have a debit or credit card and he can withdraw money anytime and anywhere in the world without going to any branch of a bank. It also provides safety against the risk of carrying huge amount while traveling and at the same time provides the foreign-exchange facility at a better rate.

3. Calculators

Usage of pebbles and abacus for calculations is very old but calculators have made these arithmetic solutions quicker. The first mechanical calculator was invented by Blaise Pascal in 1642. After that, many developments and improvements were done by others to make math calculations faster. Now, calculators can perform big calculations which include formula like trigonometry and square roots more accurately.

4. Computers

Today, almost every field whether education, medical, corporate world, entertainment, etc., are all dependent on computer as they use it for all their major work. They have become an integral part of our lives because if you look around, you will notice that everything now is computerised. You can do your projects, watch movies, shop online, and keep records on computers. We can’t even imagine a day without computer systems. Laptops, on the other hand, are a handy version of them as you can carry them with you anywhere in school, colleges, holidays, etc.

5. Cars

Covering miles of distance by walking or traveling from carts and carriages is not possible every day as it is too time-consuming and would take days to cover it. But cars have made long distance seem to be a few minutes or hours away. In the year 1886, Karl Benz invented the first modern car and named it ‘Motorwagon’ and now in 2017, it is a very common concept.

All these inventions are so useful and advantageous that we totally rely on them. All credit goes to the hard work of the scientists who gave us these machines and gadgets for the betterment of our life. When we use them daily, we hardly realise their significance but we hope that this blog will make you value these inventions.

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