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Importance Of Dissertation structure

Dissertation structure

Tips To Frame Dissertation Structure

April 05, 2016 5039 Views

Dissertation is an educational writing that all young students should develop during their studies. It is based on defining a topic of investigations, research and also discussing the findings.

To succeed in your task, you should use a great Dissertation structure in order to present your writing properly and effectively.

Dissertation structure can be well defined by considering followings steps:

  • Title: It should be informative and contain the keyword of your topic.
  • Abstract: It describes the topic and the purpose of your subject. Students should make sure that the abstract inform the reader what the report is about by including keywords and information.
  • Acknowledgment: You should thank people and organizations that help you to complete your report.
  • Table of contents: It contains all the chapters, sections and paragraphs' titles with page numbers. It helps the reader to find easily a part of writing.
  • Introduction: It is the first part in your writing; it should inform about the topic, the hypothesis and the structure which will be followed in the report. Students should avoid making the introduction too long, sum it up and show some research in order to attract the reader. A good introduction will show what are you talking about and what are you completing your paper.
  • Literature review: Literature research based on reading that you make to have a theoretical arguments of your writing. You should include an analysis that have been done.
  • Methodology: It describes the research method applied by the students.
  • Findings and results: You should present your findings carefully, by organizing them with strong arguments that allow you to impress your readers.
  • Discussing: The discussion consists on argumentation and interpretation of your findings. You should investigate your hypothesis from various perspectives and discuss strengths and weaknesses.
  • Conclusion: Your conclusion should be the last impressive part of your report. It should express successfully your findings and results. Also, it can emphasize your main arguments. Students should avoid new ideas in the conclusion.
  • Sources: It lists correctly formatted list of all references mentioned in the writing.
  • Appendixes: It should include examples of items you have used such as survey, questionnaire, etc...

Students must do hard work to acquire knowledge and prepare a smart Dissertation structure plan in order to prove their abilities by finding relevant arguments.

Writing a dissertation requires in-depth knowledge about the topic and analyzes deeply the findings. Thus, students should possess research techniques and ability to analyze the findings.

In general, it is a challenging work for students, That is why they seek for dissertation writing service from professional writers who can assist them to accomplish their dissertation.

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