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3 Problem-Solving Techniques to Reach the Root of Any Issue

problem solving techniques

Techniques to Solve Problems That You Must Know About

July 03, 2017 4312 Views

University students are often seen stressed out because they feel it is challenging for them to accomplish their goals and become successful in life. Do you find yourself making the similar mistakes over and over again? Have some of your poor choices taken the shape of bad habits? If yes, then read this blog till the end and get enlightened of some of the tricks and techniques to handle your issues. Regardless of what problems you face, there are several ways to reach a solution, and it can be found out using one of the techniques given below.

Let’s get started!

5 Whys Analysis

The simplest analysis method involves asking yourself “why” five times. Initiate by addressing the problem, for example, “My study area is always messy”, proceed further and ask yourself why that is the case. When you create a chain of inquiry that offers insight into the core of the problem, finding a solution even to the most challenging issue will not be difficult.

Pareto Analysis

Also known as 80-20 rule, it refers to the idea that 20% of your actions will yield 80% of results. Usually, when you are facing a problem, there are a few major contributors, known as the “vital few”. The others are called “trivial many” and they denote the smaller problems which can deepen the issue. Scholars go after “trivial many” instead of “vital few,” and thus a definite solution cannot be found. And, thus they are advised to differentiate between these two categories and focus on vital few. Like the first technique, this is also quite useful.

Fault Tree Analysis

This is a visual model for finding the root of the problems. At its most basic level, you begin by analysing and writing down the problem. Below the problem, you create boxes which contain factors contributing to the undesired outcomes and unfavorable conditions. Unlike other models, which encourage you to concentrate on broad potential contributors, the Fault Tree analysis requires you to focus on what is known. You can always find out an immediate solution to the problem with this method.

There are several other techniques namely, Cause-and-Effect Diagram or Fishbone Diagram, RPR (Rapid Problem Resolution) Diagnosis, Current Reality Tree (CRT), Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), etc., and you can use any one of these to find the root of the concerns you face and solve your problems at the drop of a hat.

All the models are flexible to accommodate a broad range of problems, though some of them were developed specifically for business or IT, nowadays they can be used to find a solution to your personal issues as well. A common thing in all of these methods is that they require self-reflection and a chain of inquiry. And, you will have to be honest while doing this!

Next time you feel like you are spending more time stressing than living your life, give a try to one or more of these analyses. You’d be amazed at an effective problem-solving solution that can be implemented when you get to the heart of the issue.

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