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How to Choose the Right Citation Style for Dissertation?

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How to Apply the Right Referencing Style in Your Dissertation?

February 15, 2017 3794 Views

Citation and referencing styles work as a useful tool which keeps track of the valuable information and items used in any document. The primary objective of applying citation style in the dissertation writing work is to provide all the details about the book, article, object that you’re citing.

An accurately cited dissertation, assignment, thesis, or any other academic work helps an individual to build integrity with the work. It is useful to highlight the ideas that you have shared with your own research and hard work.

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Citing the sources correctly in any dissertation writing work will help you to avoid plagiarism, as it focuses on giving credit to the original writer. Referencing and citations are used when a source contributes in your dissertation; therefore you should give the appropriate credit to the original author.

Read the various guidelines based on the most commonly used citations in the dissertations that are helpful in selecting a particular citation:

1.There are hundreds of citation styles which differ in the usage as per the difference in academic institutions present around the world or requirements based on the subject guidelines. The most common referencing and citation styles are Harvard, Oxford, Chicago, Vancouver, APA, and MLA. Every citation style has some set of instructions or rules which ensure the quality of your dissertation.

2. The style that you will use for your dissertation depends on the preference of your professor, subject guidelines or college guidelines, so if you want to ensure that your dissertation work is easily legible consult the department of the subject and stick to their prescribed rules and regulations.

3. Every citation style also has some set of guidelines which are to be applied to the usage of spelling, abbreviations, punctuation and others. If you are using any style guide in your dissertation, do not forget to follow these rules too.

4. Some citation styles also support more than one set of choices or sub-styles. Many scholars are confused in such practices and mix the two styles without following a definite pattern in their dissertations. Make sure that you use the same one throughout the work.

5. The references mentioned in the dissertation should provide full details of the reading materials used so that the reader can locate the exact source used in your document.

6. A single citation can be written in the form of an introductory phase or at the end of the dissertation. It can also be used as an indication of a bracketed number that links to the similarly marked footnotes and endnotes.

7. If there is the use of a style guide in your dissertation, then it automatically increases the credibility of the content. It denotes that the citations and references are constantly being recorded in your context.

8. The content that is required to be cited in your dissertation includes text, visual, graphic, lectures, interviews, letters, broadcasts, etc.

Even if you have read all the above guidelines regarding the citations and referencing style, there is still a major possibility that you end up making some mistakes. It is often advised to take expert guidance for citing your dissertation.

Moreover, there is no strict rule to any citations usage, and it may vary from one discipline to another. It is quite a challenging task to write this significant number of words in a strict dissertation format and applying rules of citations. To overcome this stress driven process, just stay calm and believe in yourself. You will definitely make your way to a successful academic career. Good luck!

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