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How to Create a Strong Password for Your System?

Secure your Device

Key Points to Create Safe and Secure Password for Your Devices

July 05, 2017 4326 Views

Unauthorised access is a significant threat to anyone who is using a computer or any other high-tech device. The consequences of this can be varied which ranges from the loss of valuable data such as images, presentations, e-mails, bank details, personals, etc., to even blackmailing and monetary losses. In extreme cases, the unauthorised users can also use victim’s information to break the law which can lead him/her into legal troubles.

One of the most common ways hackers use to peek into someone else’s system is through guessing the password. Use of common and simple passwords enable intruders to gain control over others' information quickly. To seek protection from all these consequences, it is important to understand the significance of a good password and learn how you can create one.

Through this blog, we have listed some of the key points by which you can create strong passwords for all your high-tech devices:

Generate Long Passwords

Several sites accept passwords which are at least 7 to 8 characters long and complicated. Regular and simple passwords such as your name, 12345, or similar others are easier to break while the long passwords require much effort and time for the hacker to guess. It is preferred to use a password which is difficult to type rather than a simple one so that even if you access your system in public, you can protect yourself from snoopers.

Use Combination of Characters

A strong password is a combination of characters such as commas, punctuation marks, etc., as well as lowercase letters, uppercase letters, and numbers. You can also select a phrase that you often use while communicating to create an unassailable password for yourself.

For example, Yankee Doodle went to London riding on a pony.

Use the first letter of every word- “ydwtlroap” and add a few numbers to it, which makes it even stronger such as ydwtlroap12. Now, that’s like a well-built password.

Different Passwords for Different Devices

People often have the habit to use the same password for everything as they find it easier to remember. But, it is a wrong practice which can cost you someday as hackers who break into one machine can try to use the same password to take control over others. Make sure you use at least 4-5 different passwords for different accounts. Also, keep your e-mail protected by using an alternate e-mail address to retrieve your information, in case someone tries to break it.

Don’t Reveal Your Password to Anyone

Never share your credentials if asked through mail. Trusted companies such as Banks, PayPal, Social Sites, etc., will never ask for such information through e-mails. Also, there are scam emails which try to tempt user with gifts and other benefits. These emails can cause malware attacks in your system which can lead to loss of identity and other vital information.

Change Password at Regular Intervals

Do you remember the last time you changed your email password? If not, then it’s time to change it now. Experts say that it’s crucial to keep changing credentials after every 90 days to prevent from the case of hijacking and never use the same password again.

College students are one of the most affected segments from such cases of cyber theft and cyber bullying. Thus, it is advised that you should follow the above-stated rules and protect yourself and your close ones from any such situation.

We hope you’ve found this blog interesting to read. Don’t forget to share the same information through your social media accounts such as Facebook, Linkedin, Google +, etc., to make other people aware of how to generate a strong password to stay protected.

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