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How to create a Brand

Brand Development For Mcvitie’s

Introduction to Brand Creation

A brand of any product is responsible for its sales, reputation, and relationship with other brands in the market. The term brand could be understood as a name, logo with attachment of any picture, design or symbols. It is registered term or have patient with government for single use only and to become identification of registered company or product. The term branding also concerned with creating a unique name or image of the product which helps to make our product different from others and to attract and retain loyal customers (Francis, 2006).

This research study concerned with a discussion relating most well-known biscuits brand in UK known as McVitie’s digestive biscuit which is also known as Wheaten. This study also focuses on critical evaluation of the Wheaten brand in UK market and also conduct a study on identification of new brand which can be capture the market of pound city (Coloma, 2011).

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Identify a well known brand of biscuit available in the UK-1

1.1Identification of Digestive Biscuits:

McVitie’s is digestive biscuit company which is a continuously growing European manufacturer of biscuits and snacks and other confectionaries its building on its success with a growth strategy. The business is accumulating an unrivalled assortment of leading biscuit and snacks brands, which will create a series of electrifying growth opportunities through leveraging.

It is also considered that UB contains strong position for growth with well-known brands and market leading positions in its chosen markets including Australia. UB owns three of the top selling five biscuit brands in the UK. McVitie's is surrounded by the well-known brands in the UK and generally this brand is purchased by 80% of UK family circles (AlShebil, 2007).

intrinsic attributes of McVitie’s: Competition is based on highly hygienic ingredients which McVitie’s contains in it.

  • Generally digestive biscuits contain coarse brown wheat flour in it which is the base of the biscuits.
  • Wheat flour is also responsible for giving distinctive texture and flavor to the digestive biscuits. Some other common intrinsic features are sugar, malt extract, vegetable oils, whole meal which usually contains sodium bicarbonate, tartic acid and malic acid (Andrews and Kim, 2007).
  • Human resources of the company are highly skilled and contain willingness to spend the time to perform their tasks on given time (Anderson and 2008).
  • Extrinsic attributes of McVitie’s: It is considered that united biscuits continuously strive to utilize a high quality supplier which helps them to meet the needs of the customers.
  • There are various price ranges for McVitie’s digestive biscuits 400g 14 20z and its price is $ 19.67. There are price available for various sizes of McVitie’s biscuits.

A united biscuit has also launched a new range of everyday biscuits all prices at £1 (Azorín, 2007). This brand encompasses nine traditional favorites such as custard cream, bourbon cream, and pink wafers etc. McVitie’s packaging will feature the tagline ‘Proud to be British since 1892’.

It is also observed that united biscuits are able to offer consumers a solution that allows them which is first time in the UK, to recycle biscuits wrappers. It is also observed that they are targeting to become environed saver by reusing the wrappers and raising the fund from public for their favorite charity. Here is a view of packaging style of the McVitie’s product (Baldwin and Davis, 2006).

Critically Evaluation of brand

The brand image of McVitie’s can be understood by the observation of the consumers about the brand and position of brand in market. It is also essential to understand the perceptions of customers about the product and accordingly understand the brand image of product in the market (Gobe, 2010).

Faithful old friend: For a long time digestive biscuits are precious for their customers as they are addictive for these biscuits to eat while drinking hot drinks. Digestive biscuits can always count for the cuppa of the peoples. Furthermore, after being away in foreign lands for a while, Digestives - like baked beans or a decent cuppa - is one of those reassuringly British confectionaries for which anybody gradually begin to want very much for. Without a doubt, when out for holidays, customers would always remember a few brands of biscuits, McVitie’s digestive biscuits is one of them which is always in the top position of the demand hierarchy of the customers for health biscuit. Since it was started from very long time it become familiar and essential for every consumer and added in the breakfast pattern of them and need while drinking tea and coffee (Gravetter and Foranzo, 2011).

The giants amongst dunkers: The major feature for which digestive biscuits brand is popular is its size. This includes the high level of dunking tolerance makes for a wondrous piece of food manufacturing. There is no need to say that on many occasional events it is necessary to serve in the guest with some hot drinks (Kaikati, 2003).

A healthy, wholesome biscuits: There are various perception about the different consumers about the product that how they like to con some that or in which manner they wants to consume that products, these all things is based the perception of consumers about the product. One survey discloses the fact about the likeness of McVitie’s is because of its simple whole-wheat taste and appearance which lure the eater in to a false sense of biscuits healthiness. Nowadays a feeling about healthiness is increasing in the customers due to they become more heath conscious. One more reason which is responsible to increase the sales of this biscuits is because of its package proclaiming that “Now lowest ever saturated fat”. This tag line is centered for those customers who more conscious about their health (Aquino, 2011).

The chocolaty counterpart: At the initial level company appeared with plain flavor of wheat and milk which seems to be less attractive to the customers and for youth generation. So this brand faces failure to ignite the interests of young generations in the market. After analyze the market they come with some new amendments in their product which leads them to increase the sales of the customers. It comes with new chocolate flavor in order to attract the youth portion of the customers the chocolate digestive more than succeeds as a layer of milk chocolate delivers a rich, sweet taste to contrast with the plainer biscuit underside (Brand Building in the Biscuits Industry. n.d).

One another aspect which is responsible for the high demand of this brand in the group of its consumers is it style of packaging which attracts the consumers towards it.

McVitie’s original digestive: It is observed that McVitie’s products are simply designed packaging strengthens the biscuit's attractiveness simple, nourishing appearance and taste. It is covered with smart yellow and dark reds and blues in the background with simple white font across which reflect for a more attractive grown-up appearance. The 'flick' off to the right on the end of the letter 'v' in Digestives and the dot design for the 'I' along with the restrained wheat metaphors in the blue and red background all echo this idea of whole-wheat and natural ingredients. By advertising about the product that it contains 70% whole wheat in it, this thing also create the philosophy about the product wholesomeness. It is also include some text on its cover that this product is totally untouched with hydrogenated vegetable oils and there is no inclusion of artificial flavors or colors" (Burns, 2010). Additionally, the pattern in which the nutritional information has been positioned on the front for everyone or every customer it is observed that company is also focus on the brand positioning (Butler, 2008).

McVitie's Milk Chocolate Digestives: There is a discussion about different packaging design and style of McVitie's which seems to less healthy offering. The first feature is noticed that the nutritional information is not boldly displayed on the front of the packaging which should be displayed on the bold fonts and front of the packets. But they are showing levels of fat, sugar, salt used to create the product which seems to less attractive for the customers. McVitie's know they won't be scoring any points on, for example, fat levels so instead they highlight the following: "45% wheat and whole meal goodness. No artificial flavors or colors and no hydrogenated vegetable oils". This notion of a wholesome, natural product is reinforced with the same wheat-like font design and background imagery as for the plain version (Burke and 2011).

Brand Development

Product Planning: The first step in brand development is product planning or developing or designing concept about the product. In this case there is discussion about to develop new brand of Biscuits in UK market. Product planning is considered as a process of managing the production of goods, and development by selecting marketing and distribution approaches, and if necessary than making modification also in product and timely innovation in the quality of the product (Laforet and Sylvie, 2011).

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As pound city business is concerned with biscuits and confectionaries manufacturing and expanded to around 50 branches in all over the United Kingdom. To develop the product Pound city needs to analyze the market competitiveness first than select the target audience to sell them. In product planning process pound city can offer a health conscious product to the target audience as compare to competitive brand (Riezebos, 2003).
Product Positioning: Brand positioning can be understood as a “target consumer’s” some specific purpose to buy our brand in preference to others. Brand positioning must make sure about that:

  1. Is it different/distinctive product compare to competitors?
  2. Is it noteworthy and encouraging to the niche market?
  3. Is it appropriate to all major geographic markets in UK and also businesses?
  4. Is the proposal validated with unique, appropriate and original products?
  5. Is it sustainable - can it be delivered constantly across all points of contact with the consumer?
  6. Is it helpful for organization to achieve its financial goals?
  7. Is it able to support and boost up the organization?

Product Innovation: Product innovation can be understood as a process redeveloping product according to competitive scenario in the market. Bringing new quality features in the product to sustain in the competitive scenario is known as product innovation. In this case McProteinwould be health conscious product target to the old age people in the UK. In Pound city case it would be beneficial for the company to continuously understand the customer demands by getting them feedback and accordingly prepare biscuits and continuously bring some new advantages in the product to create highlights on the product in competitive scenario (Chernatony, McDonald and Wallace, 2011).

Internal Branding: Internal Branding can be understood as process of company educating, indoctrinating and training its employees. After using intern al branding pound city not only allows its workers to know the philosophy of company but also includes the procedure to encourage and empower them be loyal to the company they work for even in the personal lives (Confectionary market in London, 2011).

Brand meaning, identity and image: Identity of brand can be understand as a process when company sets a name for its brand, decide communication style, designs logo for the product to differentiate the product from another brand. In this case pound city targeting the above 60 age people to sell their product, and the consumer group is heath conscious, they are less interested to purchase sugar and calories product for them and looking for some kind of biscuit which could be beneficial for their health purpose, so company decide the name the of the product is McProtein which seems to be which seems to be biscuits having protein in it and could become flashy for needs people. To stand in competitive position it also used word Mc before the name of it product as its major competitor also contains the word Mc before the name of its brand. Image of brand can be understood as for what specialty product contains or it is known for.

Brand Positioning: Brand positioning can be understood as a “target consumer’s” some specific purpose to buy our brand in preference to others. Brand positioning must make sure about that:

  1. Is it different/distinctive product compare to competitors?
  2. Is it noteworthy and encouraging to the niche market?
  3. Is it appropriate to all major geographic markets in UK and also businesses?
  4. Is the proposal validated with unique, appropriate and original products?
  5. Is it sustainable - can it be delivered constantly across all points of contact with the consumer?
  6. Is it helpful for organization to achieve its financial goals?
  7. Is it able to support and boost up the organization?

By scrutinizing all the above process of brand position our product would be position in the market by adding multi ingredient in it to make lucrative in the context of health of the old age peoples. Pound city niche market is old age people so accordingly company would try come with some new innovation in the quality of the product with changes and modernization in the product features like adding the high quantity of calcium, zinc, which is beneficial for the bones and essentially required to peoples who are more than 60 years (Kimberly, 2012).


Through above study it is observed that Branding is of utmost importance when it comes to marketing a brand to the target markets. Branding is basically endowing the goods and services with brand equity and is all about rendering one brand different from others (Petburikul, 2009). Marketing professionals work on branding not just to create brand recognition, but also to create a good name. In this case a company called Pound city which is UK based biscuits organization. It contains fifty stores in UK and trying to expand its market more over in UK. By adopting various branding concepts it creates a new brand name called Protienia which is health conscious for old age people and multi vitamins in it to seem more attractive to the customers.

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