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Data Analysis

Employee Effecting Factors

Introduction Data Analysis

Information examination segment of the exploration report researches the information so aggregated through different auxiliary and essential sources. It can be defined as the systematic process through which the information is processed and evaluated in order to draw the accurate and valid conclusion (Azzalini and Scarpa, 2012). Research questions formulated for the purpose directs the whole study. In the process of data analysis, first the data is collected through different sources, then evaluated and finally measured. Acquired data can be evaluated by both qualitative and quantitative methods. In qualitative method of data evaluation, more attention is laid on the views, opinions, explanation and perception of the respondents while on the other hand under quantitative data analysis method, numerical assessment is conducted with a view to get mathematically and statistically accurate findings (Bryman and Hardy, 2009).

In the current research study, both quantitative and qualitative data analysis techniques have been utilized to evaluate the information. The main reason behind using the quantitative method is that it will be bring accuracy in research findings while qualitative method will help in identifying the intricacies about the subject matter which may not be determined by the tables or graphs.

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Data Analysis

Primary data is collected with the help of semi-structured interview conducted with the employees. The total population consists about 8 employees from which 5 respondents were selected for sample. Through the help of simple random sampling techniques employees were chosen for interview. Questionnaire was prepared related with the factors that affect motivation level of employees. Respondents were distributed the prepared set of questionnaire. The responses collected with the help of this method were evaluated and then themes were formulated. Therefore it can be said that in this dissertation, thematic analysis has been used. It requires more attention and engagement of the researcher. Thematic analysis attempts to determine and evaluate both implicit and explicit concepts within the data. This means that different themes according to the responses are first prepared in order to analyze the data. After that codes are framed so as to represent the specific themes. This particular type of data analysis method may or may not need graphical representation between the framed codes. Hence, in other words, this method employs different recurring patterns to analyze the data. Themes can be termed as cluster of associated category which reflects the same meaning (Research Methods: Data Analysis, 2004). Below mentioned are some steps which are required to be taken for doing the thematic analysis:

  • The first step involves the preparation of the collected data, which further means that responses gathered with the help of interview will be converted in the form of text.
  • After this sorting or filtering is done in which important and useful information is transformed in proto themes.
  • In the third step each proto themes if re-examined in order to make the final theme.
  • Lastly, themes so constructed are described so as to review the clear meaning behind it.

The responses collected from the employees are discussed below with the help of the themes.

Theme 1: Personal-professional life balance required by employees.

When the respondents were asked whether they require work-life balance in their job, then majority of the respondents agreed with the statement. This means that employees spent most of their time in meeting organization expectation while getting fewer chances to enjoy social life. This affects their level of motivation and further influences their performance. Work-life balance is required by every employee regardless of what level or position he is working at. Numerous researches conducted by different scholars also suggests that every individual working at any organization also wants his personal life equally balanced. And the responses collected for this research also reflects that for every employee work-life balance.

Findings: From the above tabular representation of the responses, it can be observed that 4respondents among 5 were of view that work-life balance is important. However, there was one employee who disagreed with the statement that means that for him work-life balance if not required. It means that employees require personal and professional life to be equally balanced.

Theme 2: Remuneration is not according to the work commitment, experience and education of employees.

On questioning the respondents about their opinion regarding the remuneration they get, it was found that most of the respondents were not satisfied with the salary they get. They believed that it is not according to their level of knowledge, experience and qualification they posses. It also means that their efforts and contribution are not effectively valued by organization. The respondents disagreed the statement was all females. Various literary evidences also revealed that pay is the vital factor that to great extent affects the motivation level of employee. If the employees are satisfied with the remuneration, then they will show more commitment towards organization otherwise their performance will be declined. On contrary there was one employee who thinks that his contribution is optimally compensated by the organization and thus strongly agreed with the statement. Previous researches also declare that pay is motivating factor for all employees either male or female. Every employee works to get sufficient pay so that he or she can satisfy other needs. The first and the foremost motivating factor is thus the remuneration that a person gets his efforts and contribution.

Findings: 3 out of 5 employees disagreed with the fact that their company remunerates them as per their education, experience and the commitment. While only one respondent who was male strongly agreed to the statement. Further it is observed that staff members who were not satisfied with their pay were female. This means that company is also discriminating employees on the basis of gender. The male employees is observed to be satisfied with the pay he is getting, according to him, pay is as per his education, experience the contribution he is making. While on the other hand, all the female employees were found to be not satisfied with their pay. Attributing to this fact, it can be said that organization may be discriminating employees on the basis of gender which in turn makes employees de-motivated in some or other way.

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Theme 3: Recognition for the job performed is needed by employees

When the employees were asked that they want the organization to recognize their work and efforts than all the respondents affirmed with the fact. All the employees declared that they need recognition from the management for their performance and the efforts they are making to achieve the goals. When the contribution of an employee is recognized, it brings the sense of belongingness and makes the individual feels valued and respected by the organization. In addition to it, the responses gathered from the participants also shows that for every employee, recognition are the other need that motivates the employees to perform better. So it can be inferred from this that, apart from the pay, recognition is also expected by the employees from the organization.

Findings: The above table shows that 2 out of the 5 respondents were in strong agreement with the statement that recognition is needed by them for their efforts and the contribution. The other three respondents also affirmed with the fact but not very strongly. But it can be said that recognition can be the other important motivating factor for the employees.

Theme 4: Timely and structured feedbacks are significant for employees.

By evaluating the responses of the employees regarding the need of timely and structured feedback on the work they perform, it was revealed that every individual employee feedback from his employees either positive or negative. Feedback not only helps in measuring the level of performance but it also aids in assessing the ways through which performance can be improved. Every person working in the organization regardless of level wants to know the impact of his contribution and efforts on organization. Due to this reason, he/she always seeks for constructive feedback from the management.

Findings: 2 respondents were observed to be strongly agreed to the fact that they want recognition for the work they perform as it impacts their motivation level. However, two respondents were affirmed but not very strongly. This means that recognition to great extent required by the employees and thus also affects their level of motivation.

Theme 5: Involvement of employees in the decision making process

When the respondents were asked that whether they want to be involved in the decision making process of management that all the respondents were either strongly agreed or simply agreed with the fact. This shows that employees wants to give their views, opinion and suggestions to the management while making any decisions. This further means that rather than just following the order of the higher authority they want to be engaged in the firm’s decision making process. Additionally it can also be said employee engagement in the decision making process and the other management stuff is one of the most important motivating factor.

Findings: 3 employees were of opinion that they strongly requires the management to consider their views and suggestion while making any decisions, especially the one that affects their job or is directly related with their task. Two employees were of view that to some extent they agree with the fact that their involvement in decision is essential.

Theme 6: Growth opportunities are one of the most important motivating factors for employees.

When the respondents were questioned whether they need the opportunities to learn and grow in their current role, then all the employees replied in affirmation. This reflects that for each and every employee growth opportunities are important which make them learn new things and grow in their career. This also shows that rather than just working in the same level, employee wants to grow and advance which can be possible when organization provides them enough opportunities to prove their potential.

Findings: From the above graphical representation, it has been determined that all the respondents strongly agreed to the statement that they want opportunities which make them grow in their role. This means that for every individual employee regardless of any level, gender or age, growth opportunities are significant which motivates them to perform better.

Theme 7: Management needs to play greater role in career aspiration of employees.

Based on the responses obtained from the employees, it was found that maximum number of employees wants management of organization to play greater role in their career prospects. It shows that employees expect management to understand their needs and expectation from the organization and thus help them in attaining the desired goals and objectives. It also reflects that staff members are more committed towards their work as well as the organization when they perceive that their career aspirations will be effectively achieved.

Findings: By examining the data so collected from the respondents, 2 employees were strongly agreed with the fact. While 2 respondents agreed but only to some extent i.e. they not agree fully about the role of management in career aspiration of employees. However, there was one respondent who disagree with the statement.

Theme 8: Greater responsibility coupled with trust is required by employees in their role.

Every individual working in the organization when assigned with any responsibility requires trust from the organization. Trust has great impact on the performance of the employees. This can be proved from the data collected from the individual employee, which shows that for almost all the staff members trust is the important factor. They viewed that along with the duty or responsibility assigned to them, organization should also show adequate trust on the employee. Moreover, the study also reflected that employee gets satisfied with the job when they get greater responsibility from the management. The fulfillment of this need motivates them both intrinsically and extrinsically and hence makes them perform better.

Findings: 2 respondents were seemed to agreeing to the statement very strongly while three observed to be agreed to some extent. This means that every employee expects greater responsibility in their work life and in addition to it, they also expects organization to trust their work performed by them or the decisions taken to carry out the assigned work.

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From the analysis of the different themes formulated on the basis of the responses collected from the different employees, it can be concluded that needs and expectation of every employee is varied, moreover, their satisfaction level is also different. Like as from the responses, it can be seen that for some employees remuneration paid by the organization are satisfactory while for some it is not according to their qualification, experience and commitment towards work. The above analysis also revealed that apart from the pay, provision of the adequate growth opportunities and the challenging tasks are the common motivating factor that are required by each and every employee whether female or male.


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