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Data Analysis for Hotel Services

Programs and Services offered by Hotels

Study of Data Analysis on Services offered by Hotels

1 Introduction

Data analysis is the fourth section of report that basically highlights the useful information which is appropriate in context of survey that is being conducted. It helps in suggesting measures and provides efficient assistance in the decision making process. Various information that is being accumulated is generally vast in nature and requires strict supervision at the stage of collection. Data analysis helps in framing up the useful information in a systematic and organized manner that researchers can study in a convenient way. This part of the research covers all the results that has been collected from the research and expresses the main outcomes that are being attained from the final research that is being undertaken with specific aims and objectives. Different methods are available for the collection and presentation of data depending on the methodology. Various types of charts, graphs, and textual write ups are being used to show the final outcomes of survey.
Data analysis provides a clear image to the research report and is mainly accomplished in two distinguished methods i.e. quantitative and qualitative assessment. This part of the report carries is critical and have high significance as the ultimate outcome of the research depends on this part of report. Researcher has to analyze the most appropriate way with the help of which most effective and valuable results could be acquired and outcome could be summarized in this section. The main aim behind analysis of data is to determine whether the entire process has been able to derive information that will provide answers to research aims, objectives, questions and conclusion could be drawn out on the basis of it, final output of the research could be bring out in front.

In the present research report a primary research has been undertaken among the customers of Sheraton who are using the SPG program of hotel. A total number of 30 respondents have been selected randomly and their feedbacks have been accumulated through a questionnaire. The questionnaire contained both open and close ended questions, in order to derive more meaningful and valuable results secondary assessment is also being undertaken in which distinguished research reports on customer satisfaction in service sector have been highlighted. Final presentation of data is being done through thematic analysis in which various themes are being prepared according to the responses attained as mentioned below;

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Theme 1 – Excellent service quality offered by hotel

When the respondents were asked about the service quality of Sheraton Heathrow hotel, majority of them replied that they find it of excellent quality. Customers of the hotel are very much satisfied with the service offerings of hotel and prefer to visit the hotel consistently. Quality of service is an important factor in acquiring customer satisfaction as it is having the ability to maintain revenue and throughout success in organization. Customer service quality not only helps in building loyalty for both firm and buyers but also assists in marketing.
Findings – Customer satisfaction is the main essence of hospitality industry, the significance in hospitality industry is focused towards professional courses as well as on the job training methods and implications of successful business operations. Customer service is a very significant aspect in a hotel industry because guests regularly interacts with the employees and depend on them for various reasons. The perception of availing quality in services helps buyers in their repetitive decision making process. Buyers want to have a memorable experience with the organization and want to acquire value for the money paid.

Theme 2 – Got to know about SPG program through hotel and friends

When customers were enquired that whether the hotel meet the service expectations and demands or not, on this most of the buyers agreed and said that hotel offers the same as they demand. Respondents were asked regarding the major source from where did they got to know about SPG program on this majority of them replied that were informed either through friends or during their stay in hotel.

Theme 3 – More than five years customer have been using the SPG card

When the respondents were asked that since how long they have been associated with the membership of SPG program, on this majority of them that they are using more than five years. This expresses that people are aligned with this facility since long and wants to continue using this facility as it offers them several benefits during their visit to hotel. This reflects that hotel is using this program since long and is effectively running distinguished programs for achievement of customer satisfaction.

Theme 4 – Designed the SPG card Online

When the respondents were asked that how did they come to know about the SPG card on this most of them replied that through their friends and relatives they come to know about the program, around 57% of respondents stated that they designed their SPG card through online services as it was convenient for them. Most of the people get to know through personal connections and their views on online designing and relied on this because from them they got a positive word of mouth for the services and preferred to avail the benefits of becoming the member.

Theme 5 – SPG program provides additional benefit in hotel

When consumers were asked that did they find any kind of value addition by using the SPG card, on this most of the respondent agreed and find this membership a valuable source for utilizing additional facilities. It could be said that by offering this service hotel is able to acquire the loyalty of consumers and a positive word of mouth for the property is also being spread in the market.

Theme 6 – Customers uses service continuously and SPG effects on their decision making

In this area it has been found that respondents uses the facility of SPG regularly and prefers to avail the benefits as much as possible. From the analysis it was found that buyers avails the services regularly and on an average twice in a year most of the people uses the card. From the results it has been found that most of the guests make their decision of stay in hotel through SPG program and the benefits associated with it. It depicts that after providing such type of facilities the level of sales of hotel has increased to a great extent and also help in building up a strong and loyal relationship with its guests.

Theme 7 – Special services attained due to SPG

From the accumulated data it has been found that guests find the SPG program very much beneficial and rely a lot on this membership card. Many of the respondents have stated that with the help of SPG program they are able to achieve special services during their stay in hotel and would also prefer to use it future This assessment depicts that guests rely on the services of hotel and the employees of hotel are also contributes significantly in the progress of hotel and for any kind of issue, and employees are well trained and informed enough who manages the requirements of their guests effectively.

Theme 8 – High level of satisfaction with SPG program

On asking the respondents regarding their experience with the membership program customer on this most of them replied that they find it exclusively professional and supportive. This assessment proves the quality of services that is being offered by organization and how efficiently it handles the contingency situations that arises by customers. The management of hotel is significantly contributing in development of services of hotel and achieving satisfaction of guests.

Theme 9 – Many people are informed about the SPG program

Respondents were asked that after availing the services of SPG card how many additional people they have informed about the services, on this it have been found that on an average every individual member informs more than 5 people. This graph depicts that satisfied guests doubles the value of program and also shares their personal experience with others that ultimately leads into a positive word of mouth for the organization.

Theme 10 – SPG a great asset for Starwood

When the respondents were asked that how do they find the SPG program on this majority of them replied that they find it beneficial for them as well as for the company, guests perceive SPG as an asset for the Starwood property and wants few changes to see in the existing SPG program, they would like to have the firm to increase its presence on social network sites. The responses acquired from this question depicts that consumers want the services of this card and its benefits should be highlighted on distinguished social networking sites like face book, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace etc. This will aid the hotel in acquiring more customers and also assist people in getting the facilities of this membership.

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2 Findings and analysis

In addition to above, the analysis of secondary literature collected by researcher is that Starwood hotels and resort all around the world is enhancing its shares with acquiring loyalty from customers by offering them numerous facilities. It is a smart step especially for people who are looking for enthralling experience on a global scale. By attaining the membership guests can easily avail services of Starwood in around 90 nations and more than 100 hotels. This facility helps people to have a relaxing trip with exclusive membership card and services (Starwood Preferred Guest: New Elite Amenities and Benefits, 2012). It provides range of recoverable services and experiences that are heavenly in nature.

SPG program offers three different cards to its guest i.e. Preferred, Gold and Platinum. There are varieties of advantages associated with this program like lifetime validity, 24 hours check in services and a devoted Starwood ambassador that provides one on one services to distinctively modify the guest experience (Starwood Preferred Guest® Announces Redeem & Reward Promotion, 2012). Sheraton has experienced drastic amount of change in its level of sales and has observed ruthless growth due to massive development in its services. A review was made on the SPG program to assess its performance it was found that due to this program the attractiveness and demand for hotel has increased to a great amount. Consumers who are availing this facility have been benefitted a lot and want to avail this service every time.

The loyalty program designed for the customers by Sheraton Heathrow hotel provides in much of novel applications. The system designed in by the management of hotel is a novel one and it includes many benefits of modern online system, the SPG program is now even available on the Android version and it provides in a specialized service for every member across its several brands. This new method fulfills all the requirements of travelers and it simplifies in the personalized benefits and enables them to discover various hotels all around the globe which ultimately helps in increasing the revenue of corporation.

The management of hotel is regularly seeking new methods to help in members to increase their level of experience and with the help of SPG program the members can easily avail transition for their reservations in the hotel. In present competitive environment there has been consistent need to book and provide a flawless experience to guests. This type of facility offers in the members of SPG additional benefits and with the help of this program a member can also avail in benefits in Delta elites. This program has helped in a lot to develop strong consumers and achieve their long term loyalty with business. Other than this it has also helped in to achieve a positive word of mouth for the organization and attain a distinguished position in the market.
. Whereas, Delta diamond and platinum members are eligible to receive benefits on par with SPG gold membership cards that include SPG check in, check out and free Internet facility. Through this program the SPG elites will earn an incremental star point whenever they would fly with Delta with increased Sky miles. (Starwood Hotels to overhaul SPG benefits, 2012). The target consumers of Sheraton belongs to exclusive and elite class who wants to experience trips with adventurous and marvelous benefits and have become habituated with generic perks of this program. High rate of customer satisfaction have been acquired with SPG as guests who are already member of this program send referrals of their colleagues, friends and relatives to attain the advantage (About Starwood Preferred Guest, 2012). With the help of this membership people can earn valuable Star points that are redeemable for astonishing recovery opportunities. Numerous facilities are provided to customers like free nigh in hotel or award flights in more than 350 major airlines and merchandising benefits.

SPG program will give one of a kind experience for one of a kind customer. It offers amazing practice and access like best in music, arts, sports and VIP tournament tickets and premium concert tickets and many more. The Preferred Guests card give chance to earn two star points on every US dollar spent in the hotel and then can be redeemed into free nights, free flights and many more. Gold Preferred card be availed after 10 stays or 25 nights in the Sheraton property. It provides facilities like late night check in or out facility and can also enjoy gold welcome gift in every stay (About Starwood Preferred Guest, 2012). Whereas, the Platinum preferred card could be acquired after 25 stays or 50 nights in the hotel. With this program best available room is provided to guests that includes standard suites and assured availability of room within 72 hours of booking (Four Points by Sheraton Brussels, 2012). SPG was introduced in year 1999 and with additional innovations and creativity it has become world famous. Customer loyalty is accomplished as they find value for money paid against service and hotel is continuously enhancing its system to provide more and more benefits and facility to its gests. SPG program has helped in to achieve the loyalty of many consumers, sales has been enhanced and has ultimately led into positive word of mouth for the company.

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3 Conclusion

The accumulated were analyzed in this section and it was found that overall customers are very much satisfied with the services of hotel and wants to continue to avail this facility. This data analysis provided extensive amount of information on different perspectives and the entire information is valuable for future research.

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