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Dissertation Literature Review

Online Dissertation Literature Review Writing Help

How To Write A Literature Review For Dissertation To Score Better Grades?

Writing a literature review for dissertation is one of the most important activities for accomplishing this task. If you are starting to write a review of literature relevant to the dissertation, you can refer to samples and examples for better understanding. The review guide that follows here helps in answering various questions pertaining to literature evaluation, such as:

  • What is literature review?
  • Why one should write a review of literature?
  • What literature review does?
  • How to do literature review?

If you need help in writing dissertation literature review, then you can make use of books, journals, classrooom notes, professor’s guidance and online dissertation help. All these sources can create a comprehensive pool for you to make your work outstanding in each regard.

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Why One Should Write Literature Review?

Literature review for dissertation is a display of how you have explored the topic chosen. Writing a literature evaluation helps in serving the following purposes:

  • It helps in demonstrating your understanding of the past work done
  • Reviewing literature allows you to establish a connection between the past research and your work
  • It helps in ascertaining the relevance of your work to the field of study
  • You write literature evaluation to provide evidences for the information used for writing the dissertation
  • Review of the literature also allows to analyse and critically evaluate the research done
  • It can also provide authentic material to refine the arguments and evaluate findings in the later part of dissertation.

What Literature Review Does?

Researchers review literature to provide a concrete background to the research that they have conducted or are going to conduct. They need to position the dissertation in the current scenario and establish the relevance of the research that they aim to carry out. It shows the insight and opinion that you have developed through the research and thus, it helps in explaining to the reviewing commiittee how deeply you have involved yourself with the topic.

Reviewing literature not only gives the researcher a chance to explore the topic but also helps you display your knowledge and understanding about it. It works as a proof of your reading about the topic extensively and helps in developing a framework for refining the arguments that follow in the other sections of the dissertation.

Review of literature for dissertation does the job of retaining the originality of information. As you are clearly mentioning the existing information and demarcating it from the work of other writers too, you get the duplication of information removed from your area of work.

How to do Literature Review?

Starting to write a literature review and feeling confused? Read this to find out how to write a literature review for dissertation correctly. By writing an analysis of literature, one must be able to demonstrate his depth of knowledge about the topic. Thus, you read from a variety of resources and note them down too while reading. However, writing a review of literature is not just mentioning the resources and writing a summary. There has to be a critical evaluation of the work done so far in the field chosen. So, you do the following to write a literature review:

  • Select the sources and write information from them while linking these with your work.
  • You should draw connection between the sources, too, by using connectors like similarly, also, in addition, again and similar words. This helps in explaining the resources that have the same or similar information so that the importance of the information can be boosted.
  • Similarly, you may link the two sets of contradicting information with the use of opposing connectors such as but, however, on the other hand. Review of literature writing does the job of evaluating the existing resources and find out how different writers have addressed the issue in the past.

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Do the Following to Make Literature Review Relevant as well as Comprehensive:

  • Indicate the purpose of the review in one or two paragraphs
  • Ascertain that all the parameters chosen for study are reasonable
  • Explain clearly why you include and keep away certain literature
  • Mention which years of study are relevant and why
  • Make sure that you explain recent developments
  • Collect bibliographic data and cross-check that all resources are aptly used

Dissertation Literature Review Sample for Better Understanding

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