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Dissertation Research Methods

Finest Research Methods For Dissertations

Being students you might have heard how critical it is to retain information from authentic and reliable sources. Only trustworthy information should be included while preparing the dissertation as it make arguments strong and let you avail better grades.

If the information provided in the dissertation is not relevant, then all your efforts go in vain. Irrelevant information will only let you avail poor grades, which can affect your career ahead. So, appropriate data with strong facts is the core base of your dissertation. Make sure that the research methods you are using to extract the information should serve you the best.

There are three types of dissertation research methods that you can choose to collect information, relevant to your dissertation:-

  • Quantitative Method:- These research methods answer quantitative research techniques and use probability sampling techniques to make the result generalized to a wider population. So, if you choose to take on any quantitative method always make sure you are in line with the methods.
  • Qualitative Method:- When you plan take on this route, you have to study people in the natural settings using various research methods. These research methods include unstructured interviews, observations and focus group. The inferences will be dependable, transferable, and conformable.
  • Mixed Methods:- Mixed Methods comprise of both Quantitative and Qualitative research methods. The results of mixed method are reliable. If you choose this method to conduct the research for your dissertation, then be careful and determined as to what are the results that you are expecting. Keep in mind, both qualitative and quantitative methods have very different approaches.

The dissertation research methods are determined after very careful consideration of the research question. So, do not go for a method just because you think it is right. You must have enough proof that it supports your topic/subject in the correct manner.

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How to choose relevant research methods for dissertation?

If you keep these points in mind, you will understand which research methods are the best for your study and complement with the dissertation stages.

  • Always read the literature review thoroughly before opting for any method. The past theories will help you in going for the best option. By reading the literature, you will get to know the mistakes done by your predecessors, and you can avoid them efficiently.
  • It becomes very difficult to cut down the whole research. So, take the help of friends or supervisors and include only the important things.
  • While choosing the dissertation committee make sure that at least one member of your team is expert on research methods and statistics.
  • Choose only the methods which give you the best results in the minimum time possible. Do not take the longer way just to look fancy because time is a very crucial thing when comes to writing a dissertation.
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