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E-commerce has become one of the fastest growing technologies in the field of retailing. A number of software and designing experts have switched to this line of learning and they need to write dissertations as a part of their curriculum. University students are in constant search of new and interesting topics on e-commerce and so, seeking help in finding topics comes as a natural call to them.

Students should use e-commerce dissertation topics keeping quality in mind and this is why we suggest you to take help of our dissertation writers who can provide you an array of interesting topics that help you in fetching good grades.

What E-Commerce Structure In Today’s Scenario Looks Like

The basic working mechanism of an e-commerce store itself has lots to offer to a person trying to make a mark with e-commerce startup. For writing a successful dissertation, a student can identify the key areas of study.

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Some Basic E-Commerce Venture Fields Are:

  • Strategy for e-commerce - Strategy for start-up, e-commerce strategy for an established venture; so on and so forth.
  • Product-centric e-commerce - Digitized product vs Tangible product, service or product, single product or combination of products - how to implicate e-commerce to decide the production cycle
  • Customer security and privacy: User privacy and hijack of web-property - upcoming challenges
  • Consumer rights and legislation: User rights and consumer protection - laws and regulations
  • Mobile e-commerce - making online shopping more delightful
  • E-commerce utility - Understanding the penetration of e-commerce

Identifying the unique selling proposition is the first step towards establishing a promising e-commerce venture. Making things available online has something quite catchy about it. The users find it really convenient to shop from their comfort zones. E-commerce has helped the consumers in avoiding lots of problems associated with shopping at conventional stores. Problems like that of going to the market and struggling for parking space, standing in long queues for getting the billing done and lastly, carrying the purchase to home are some of the soul-stirring thoughts that have actually made way for e-commerce in the lives of consumers. So, here are some topics that can help in achieving a cutting edge in the knowledge:

  • Components of an effective e-commerce strategy
  • Comparative analysis of various e-commerce strategies
  • How to use e-commerce to win an edge over competitors
  • Using the internet for creating value for the buyers
  • B2B marketing strategy and role of e-commerce
  • Ways to receive payments and comparison of existing payment processing methods
  • Ways to manage orders and comparative analysis of prevalent order processing modes
  • Ways to build trust among online buyers - challenges faced by an e-commerce start up
  • Business process outsourcing - how it is helpful in making e-commerce model a success
  • Migration strategies for shifting the customers from conventional ways of buying to e-commerce

Marketing And Promotions E-Commerce Dissertation Topics

Marketing plays a very major role in establishing a brand as e-commerce player. The biggest challenge lies in making the e-commerce store visible among the horde of websites that are mushrooming up almost daily. Promotional strategies help an e-commerce store build a feeling of loyalty among the consumers and so, this field offers wide scope for exploration:

  • How to become visible on a search-engine
  • How SEO helps in generating revenue for an e-commerce store
  • A comparative look at pay-per-click and re-targeting campaign
  • How social media is helping in expanding the reach of e-commerce store
  • Online advertising - cost to revenue comparison

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Mobile E-Commerce Dissertation Help

Mobile banking, buying using mobile apps and downloading the product images using relevant platforms are some of the activities of the consumers, that have made way to e-commerce on mobile. The increasing utility and convenience of using mobile phone as a tool for shopping have provided better scope of study to a student who wants to become a specialist in this field:

  • User profiling for a mobile e-commerce
  • Wireless security and e-commerce
  • E-commerce application usability
  • User privacy and data security - bottlenecks in e-commerce
  • E-commerce user rights and consumer protection regulations dissertation topics

Trusting a virtual seller is a big concern among the e-commerce buyers; thus, it is important to keep the security cover impregnable. There is a need to protect the web property, data of the consumer and also the privacy of the consumer so that the relationship between the buyer and the online seller remains absolutely intact and unperturbed. The need to keep the consumer-seller relationship protected with legal covers is well-fed with the help of understanding the gravity of this field. You can explore various avenues of this relationship by writing dissertations on following topics:

  • Case study: Copyright Protection Act - How it saves the uniqueness of an e-commerce store
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act - How it is changing the e-commerce scene
  • Review of UK consumer protection act and its role in e-commerce
  • How to use software patents for better protection of e-commerce store

E-Commerce Usability Dissertation Topics

User-friendliness is the key to the success of any e-commerce store. Every activity, right from browsing through the products to actually paying for the product, has to be carried out by the user without any help or supervision. This calls for the need to make the e-commerce store butter smooth in terms of browsing and making purchases.

  • Principles of usability: how these apply to e-commerce store
  • Analysis of globally recognized e-commerce store from usability point of view
  • How user-unfriendly e-commerce store causes revenue loss
  • CSS vs other designing tools - comparative study of roles of designing tools in increasing the usability of an online store
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