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Customer Service Training & Development

Methodology used for Customer Service Training & Development

Training Programs And Its impact

Training is becoming significant part of the modern organization and has become important part of work process in each department. Due to technological changes and increasing competition in the market, it is very important that training programs should be organized by organization, so that employees learning, skills, and performance could be enhanced and they could contribute into the growth of the company. The m is to provide the main of conducting this study broad range of literature review in the field of training and development. Through this dissertation, researcher wants to investigate about the effectiveness of training in increasing customer satisfaction, so that they become loyal to the organization and they could be retain for the long term.

Along with the discussion related with theoretical framework of training and customer growth rate, researcher has also focused over the benefits related with training in increasing performance and profitability. Key drivers of enhancing importance of training have also been highlighted by the researcher in this research study.

In order to conduct the effective evaluation of the problems of the research, researcher has created aims and objectives that assesses the background of the study, and also discovers the impact of training in the organization, benefits associated with it, and lastly its benefits to the customers. For achieving these objectives in the effective manner, the researcher has conducted research methodology with the use of paradigms and research approaches. In this research researcher has used the qualitative design method along with the interpretive research paradigm.

Therefore, in this research for collecting the data, researcher has used primary and secondary data collection methods in survey and semi-structured interview methods and also in questionnaires. For evaluating the collected data, researcher has also used the theoretical framework analysis.

As per the major findings of the dissertation, researcher has analyzed that training is the significant part of work process in organization and it should be provided to every employee, so that their efficiency could be enhanced and they could give their best performance in their work. Through the findings that reveal the results of dissertation, some appropriate recommendations are also provided that offers the researcher some steps through which training programs could be enhanced in organization, time could be reduced, less cost could be incurred, and each employee could be accessible to training.

Background And Context

“Training is a systematic development of knowledge, skills and attitude required by employees to perform adequately a given task or a job” (Barbazette 2007). Customer service training increases an employee’s confidence while interacting with a customer can be gained by the best practice strategies. It also develops the inner motivation within the employee and his passion for delivering great customer service. Customer service training helps in developing many important qualities in an employee which in turn helps in customer satisfaction.

Developing a relationship and loyalty to the customer is one of such qualities. Customer service training horns these types of skills in an employee. Customer service training plays an important role in improving the customer service and the specific approaches to customer service training becomes necessary due to the increased competition in retail sector of UK. The process of Customer retention is important to any company operating in today’s business environment. But it costs more than gaining new customers for the company. So it is important for the company to make all possible measures to keep their customer service personals with adequate skills and knowledge to satisfy their customers, because a satisfied customer will remain with the company for longer (Bassi and Russ-Eft 1997).

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For every organization who trained their employee’s and developed their skills by making heavy investment have lower employee turnover, which is directly linked with the higher customer satisfaction that drives the organization towards profitability. Managers proficiency is also depend of how well the employees perform in the organization and stay in organization. Employee stay or back out from any organization depends over the training and development. Training and development is the important predictor of organizational success in comparison with the risk and volatility and price-to-earning ratios.

For the effective implementation of customer relationship management, organization organize s different training programs for enhancing skills of employee and teach them how to deal with the customers (Thackwray 1998). Customer retention in the business helps the business to grow and expand. Customer relationship with the business helps in enhancing the customer loyalty and increases the sales volume. Through the effective training programs employees are taught about the latest technologies and tools which are useful in bringing innovation in the business that leads to higher performance.

In the changing world each day many changes are taking place and no organization can escape from it, those organizations who try to escape gets out from the race and those who adopt these changes survive. Therefore, to adopt these changes training is the foremost necessity of any business, because through the help of training learning can take place and implementation of these changes into the business can be made possible. ASDA Plc is selected for the study because the company holds the second position in terms of market share and customer presence. More over in United Kingdom the retail industry is considered as one of the most important industry (Kamin 2002).

The current competitiveness increased the need to train their employees at the work place in order to remain competitive at market. This study will help the researcher to understand what the main constituents and different kinds of organizational training programs (Sims 1999). It will also help the researcher to understand the role played by training programs and its impact on organizational performance and service activities of the organizations. Finally it will also help the researcher to understand the factors which determines the effectiveness of training programs of employees in retail companies in UK. This research examines the role of training programs for employees in the retail sector in United Kingdom.

Aims And Objectives

This study aims at investigating the significance and effectiveness of training programs for the employees. The research also aims to provide assistance in evaluating and analyzing the challenges faced by the organizations in providing the training to the employee’s. The research also gives the in-sight of the training for retaining the customers and increases the growth rate. The research also analyze how effective training helps in increasing the performance of the organization and efficiency of the employee.

To achieve the aims of the research it is important that sound objectives should be formulated, so that it could provide the path of achieving the aim of the research. The objectives of the research should go hand in hand with the aims of the research and not distinct that creates problems afterwards for the researcher in the long run.

Those objectives of the research are as follows:

  • To critically evaluate the employee perception of the current training programs provided by ASDA PLC.
  • To find out the challenges affecting the effectiveness of the training programs.
  • To find out the role that training programs plays in staff development.
  • To evaluate the influence of employee training programs on customer satisfaction.
  • To provide feasible recommendation for the company about the most effective approaches towards training programs.

These objectives will be very helpful in evaluating the effectiveness of training and how they help in creating the awareness about the importance of training in the organization. It will also help in motivating the staff to learn new techniques and technology for self development along with the development of the organization.


The scope of this study set in the role of organizational training programs for the employees in retail companies in UK. There is a great value in investing on employee training because it enhances an organization’s human capital and performance (Kraiger and Ford 2006). Rasmusson (1999) uphold the need of training and development by independent retailers and observed that the priority objective of organizational learning is to provide economic prosperity, competitiveness and employability. The research study will be very beneficial for understanding the need for training and development in the organization, it will help the further researchers in conducting the in depth analysis of the effectiveness of the training.

In the present time, it is very significant for the companies to organize training and development programs in the companies, because for coping up the competitive environment training is the best method. The research study also gives the understanding of the customer relationship with the training and performance of the company with training. For maintaining the customer relationship, it is very crucial that there needs should be fulfilled and if any problems occurs in the service it should be recovered, so that customer loyalty could be maintain and customer growth rate could be increased (Hale 2006).


The rationale of this study is to conduct the research study which could contribute to the insufficient literature and knowledge about the effectiveness of training increasing the customer growth rate. Through the training companies can generate the opportunities for increasing the customer retention. The research study is also helpful in learning the significance of training for the employee, as it increases their job satisfaction, morale, and motivate them to bring out their best performance for the company and bring more and more customers (Landale 1999).

Training also helps in increasing the efficiency in the process of activities and functions performed in the organization, which results in the financial gain. As the world is changing every day new technology is coming in the market, which has increased the expectation of the customers. Therefore, it is important that the companies adopt these technologies in their process of work, and this can only be possible through training. Training will helps the organization to learn about the technology, how it should be implemented in their work, and how employees should learn and adopt these technologies in their work (International Labor Organization 1999). Training helps in increasing the capacity of the organization to adopt the changes and plan its activities according to that.

The research study also focuses on how training increases the innovation in the strategies and products and gives the insight about various ways of bringing innovation in work. Customers are always looking around for innovative products, and get attracted towards those companies which bring something new in their products, whether it is there features, technology, style, offers, or promotional activities, therefore with the help of training organizations can plan and come out with innovation for increasing the customer growth rate (Leland and Bailey 2006). The research study also provides evidence about changes which came through training in ASDA Company.

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Overview Of Dissertation

1. Research Questions

For conducting the research and provide assistance to the researcher in the field of human resource training and development, research questions are framed, which are as under:

  1. What is the role of human resource training in the organization and increasing the customer growth rate?
  2. To what extent training is useful in enhancing the performance of the employees and developing their skills?
  3. There are some sub questions related with the study, which are as under:
  4. How training has facilitated the ASDA in bringing efficiency in its work and making relationship with the customers?
  5. What are the advantages and benefits associated with the training programs? Discuss with the example of ASDA PLC.

2. Enquiry Overview

The main of the research is to evaluate the effectiveness of training in increasing the customer growth rate, and it has been undertaken with the help of classic example of ASDA PLC. The research has focused over various techniques adopted in the training process and its impact over employees in developing their skills and showing their performance in the organization. The structure of the whole research study is underlined below:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction : The first chapter of the research is the introduction which provides the information about the background of the company and significance of training in creasing the growth rate of customers. Apart from the research background purpose of the study is also included in the dissertation. The research has also highlighted the significance in the current changing world, and how it helps the company in facing the external and internal environment. The chapter has also discussed aims and objectives of the research along with some research questions. In last the scope and limitations of the study are also focused on.
  • Chapter 2: Literature Review : Chapter two includes the analysis of various articles and literatures for exploring the framework of effectiveness of training in customer growth rate. In the beginning importance of literature review in research is discussed. In the next move some articles and books are reviewed in order to provide the reference to the research work, and inclusion of thoughts of previous researchers on same topic. A detailed discussion of the ASDA is also covered in this chapter, so that company’s background could be analyzed along with the training process of the company.
  • Chapter 3: Research Methodology : The chapter three is focused over the various research methods used in analyzing the information. The researcher has used the quantitative research method for collecting the data. Research design and methodology is the significant part of the research study in which facts and information is collected in relation with the research topic. It is extremely important that with the help of the research methodology valid data is gathered that could be used in solving the research problem in the most efficient and effective manner. To collect the reliable data both primary and secondary data collection methods are used. Therefore, the chapter includes research approaches, strategies, philosophies, and data collection method.
  • Chapter 4: Data Presentation and Analysis : Through the thematic framework analysis of findings is conducted in this chapter. The chapter included some priori and posterior themes to systematically present the data for deriving the valid output.
  • Chapter 5: Results and Discussions : This chapter is vital for analyzing the complete study and highlighting the issues and the problems which are discussed in the previous chapter. It has been tried to establish the relationship between the aims and objectives of the research with the findings analyzed in the research. With the help of this chapter the readers can gain knowledge about the different training needs suggested for ASDA Company and also for the other companies in the industry. All the recommendations presented in the research are reliable and practical for attaining competitive advantage and retaining the customers at the global level.
  • Chapter 6: Conclusion and Recommendations : Chapter five provided the brief summary about the overall research and defines the outputs that are analyzed by the researcher. The chapter also establishes the relationship among the research objectives and outcomes and the relevant recommendations for the training process at ASDA. The chapter also includes suggestions that is founded by the researcher and can be used by the ASDA for enhancing its training program.
  • Chapter 7: Reflective Statement : This chapter will include the personal development plan of the researcher, and it will also include the journey of the researcher throughout the project. It will also includes the skills analyzed by the researcher before starting the project and after the completion of the project.


The ideas and concepts related with the training and development is successfully discussed in the introduction chapter that is helpful in maintaining the relations with the customers. The chapter has covered the purpose of the study along with the scope of the study, so that reviewed of the whole research could be analyzed. Issues and problems related with the research are also covered in this chapter. Summarizing the main ideas of the study is focused over the need of training and development in the organization and how it helps in enhancing employee’s skills, profitability of the organization, and adopting the new technologies.


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