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Customer Satisfaction With Employee Engagement In Hospitality Industry

Customer Satisfaction With Employee Engagement In Hospitality & why it Needed


  • Purpose: This research work is mainly conducted in hospitality industry. The main objective of the dissertation it to analyze the impact of employee engagement practices on customer satisfaction. For such purpose the research setting taken under consideration is Radisson Edwardian Hotel, London. Employee engagement practices are very important in the hotel industry as this is a service based industry in which involvement of the employees in the work tasks matters a lot for gaining customer satisfaction.
  • Value: This research study is quite significant for the hotel industry to render better degree of customers’ satisfaction.
  • Design/Methodology: The research methods used in this research is primary data collection method, i.e. survey questionnaire. The survey questionnaire method is applied on the managers of the hotel. To support the results of primary data, a detailed and descriptive literature review is conducted in this dissertation.
  • Findings: From the analysis of the data with graphical presentation, it has been found out the employee engagement practices are very much important practices for the human resource managers in the hospitality industry in order to gain high degree of customer satisfaction in the long run. Overall, this research work is a great piece of information in relation to the subject of employee engagement and customer satisfaction.
  • Conclusion: The research concludes that employees’ engagement has direct impact on customer satisfaction.

Recommendation: The research recommends that with better employee motivation and job satisfaction employees become engaged in work practices and thus provide better services to customers to attain high degree of satisfaction.

1: INTRODUCTION to Employee Engagement

Employee engagement process is mainly related to customer satisfaction in the business organizations. The measures taken for employee satisfaction in the business organizations are mainly related to customer satisfaction because with the improved degree of employees’ engagement their commitment toward the organizational performance improves to a great level. The more effective employees’ engagement is in the organization the more level of customer satisfaction they have (Cook, 2011) (Currall, Towler, Judge, and Khon 2005).

In the restaurant and hotel industry improved degree of employee engagement is essential to provide faster and better services to the customers (Sturman, Corgel and Verma 2011). According to Xanthopoulou, Bakker, Demerouti and Schaufeli (2009), the Conservation of Resources Theory states that employee engagement with the job has reciprocal over the time. According to theory well being of the employees and types of resources provided to them are the main determinants of employee engagement in the organization (Xanthopoulou, Bakker, Demerouti and Schaufeli, 2009).

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This dissertation proposal is also developed for the research work that is also focusing to analyze the impact of the employee engagement on the degree of customer satisfaction. The research would be mainly conducted in context to Radisson Edwardian Hotel, Sussex. There is a problem related to Human resource management in the Radisson Edwardian Hotel. The problem is mainly related to employee engagement. This research is mainly related to analysis of the impact of the employee engagement on the customer satisfaction in the hospitality industry. This problem is needed to be solved because only through attaining high degree of employee engagement the hotel can attain high degree of customer satisfaction (Konrad 2006). Through the conductance of this research, it would be found out finally that in what way employee engagement process impacts customers’ service and their satisfaction level in this hotel (Salanova, Agut and Peiro 2005). The purpose of this analysis is to recommend the human resource management of this hotel to make some significant improvements in their employee motivation and retention practices to keep their engagement level highly improved.

Every research work has some specific purpose. The research work is conducted in relation to particular research setting. When the research objectives are fulfilled at the best level the research provides benefits to all the people and entities associated with that research as well as, to the field with which it is related. In this context, the following dissertation would also have several benefits from different aspects. This dissertation is quite important to the hospitality industry and to the select organization, i.e. Radisson Edwardian Hotel Sussex. The importance of the dissertation in these three contexts is specified here.

Benefits of the Dissertation for me: This dissertation is very important because this is the part of the professional and degree course work. At the next level, this dissertation work would provide high degree of experience of working in the field for different research purposes. At the next level it is beneficial by adding large number of new information in the existing stock of knowledge.

Benefits of the Dissertation for hospitality industry: This research is mainly related to the hospitality industry. The subject undertaken for research purpose is mainly related with the human resource related aspect. The research setting selected for the dissertation purpose is Radisson Edwardian Hotel, Sussex. With the help of this research it would be analyzed that to what degree employee engagement process in the hospitality industry impacts the degree of customers’ satisfaction. Well experienced employees have more degree of engagement and thus they can provide more effective services to the customers in order to attain high degree of satisfaction of the customers. This discussion shows that employee engagement and customer satisfaction has direct relationship with each other (Kahn 1990). In the balance score cards used for performance measurement purposes in the business organizations, employee engagement customer satisfaction, both are given equal places (Spitzer 2007). This shows that employee engagement and customer satisfaction both are importance aspects for the business organizations to equal level. Customer satisfaction is the utmost requirement in the hospitality industry and if employee engagement has a direct impact on the customer satisfaction than Radisson Edwardian Hotel must give high degree of attention on the improvement of the employee engagement degree. If the business organizations want to improve the employee engagement process they must provide performance based incentives to the employees so that they can become motivated to have improved degree of customer satisfaction (Cook, 2008). The financial performance and profitability of the hospitality industry is mainly based on the degree of customer satisfaction because more satisfied customers do have frequent visits of the hotels that gives increased degree of revenue to the hotel companies. This is the reason, human resource management process in the hospitality industry focuses on the degree of customers’ satisfaction to a greater degree (Cascio and Boudreau 2010).

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In the hospitality industry, customer satisfaction is the utmost requirement. This dissertation would help the hospitality industry to know about the impact of employee engagement on customer satisfaction. The industry would know the new ways through which it can make improvement in the employee engagement status for providing better degree of customer satisfaction and having more improved level of customer services.

Benefits of the Dissertation Radisson Edwardian Hotel: The research setting for conductance of this dissertation is mainly, Radisson Edwardian Hotel, Sussex. This dissertation would mainly be benefited for this hotel. The hotel would come to know, what is the present status of employee engagement in original setting of the hotel? In addition to this, the research would also acknowledge the management of the hotel with several new ways through which they can improve the status of employee engagement and further the customer satisfaction in the future run.


Should Radisson Edwardian Hotel improve employee engagement level to have better customer satisfaction?

1.3 AIM

The foremost aim of the dissertation is to analyze whether employee engagement has any impact on the customer satisfaction process or not. After analyzing this fact, the dissertation would explore in what way employees’ engagement process affect the degree of customers’ satisfaction in the hospitality industry. The main purpose behind this investigation is to make improvement in the human resource practices of the hotels towards employee engagement. The research will be directly conducted on Radisson Edwardian Hotel.


The main objectives of this dissertation along with the related research question are framed as under:

    1. Objective 1: To identify the key drivers of employee engagement and their impact on customer satisfaction through a critical evaluation of the literature with a focus on the Hospitality sector.
    2. Objective 2: To analyze the impact of employee engagement process on customer satisfaction in Radisson Edwardian Hotel?
    3. Objective 3: To explore the degree to which Radisson Edwardian Hotel should make improvement in the status of employee engagement in render better customers’ satisfaction?


The main research aim of this dissertation has been described in the above section. In the surrounding of the aim of the research, some specific and clearly identified research objectives has been developed that would be covered during the whole dissertation. For all the specific objectives some research aims have been developed that would help to the readers to understand what is aimed to find out with the help of this research objective. For such purpose the research aims of all the objectives are mentioned below:

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Research Aims for Objective 1:

      1. What is the present status of employee engagement in Radisson Edwardian Hotel?
      2. What key drivers are present in the hospitality industry to improve the employee engagement process?
      3. In what way the hotel should select the specific key drivers to render high degree of customer satisfaction?
      4. Would the use of these key drivers really a beneficial initiative for Radisson Edwardian Hotel?

Research Aims for Objective 2:

      1. Does employee engagement have positive impact on customer satisfaction?
      2. Does employee engagement have negative impact on customer satisfaction?
      3. In what way Radisson Edwardian Hotel is taking the benefits of employee engagement to offer better customer satisfaction?
      4. Is the hotel really gaining positive impact of employee engagement from customer satisfaction point of view?

Research Aims for Objective 3:

      1. What ways should HR managers in the hotel follow in order to improve employee engagement?
      2. Would improvement in employee engagement status really be beneficial for the customer service process of the hotel?
      3. Does management of the hotel consider that they should improve employee engagement level in the organization?
      4. What new ways should be followed by human resource management of the hotel in employee engagement aspects in order to provide better degree of customer satisfaction in future?


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