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Employee training and development

Importance of Employee training and development


Training is very important part in every organization. It is the process of learning, which inculcates sharpening of skills, acquiring of knowledge, rules, and concepts along with changes in behaviours or attitudes. This process is the main source of human resource development. It enhances employee’s performance together with returns. Organization’s performance and growth is depends on its employees ability or skills, which can be improved with the help of effective training programs. This can also be provided by the managers, for the reason to give basic knowledge of the company. It could be provided to both existing as well as new staffs. With the help of training, they gain knowledge about to perform their given jobs or tasks in an efficient manner. In this process, the main aim of the company is to make their workforce more successful in all challenges. Training sessions organizes for whole company, as all the employees are similarly essential for the organization success. In addition to this, employer also expects in return better quality or work from them.

Training is basically planned in advance to modify the knowledge of individuals, for the reason to get better performances or output. Further, it can improve the ability of the workforce, which in result can perform well for the company. This program could also greatly help in achieving the target of the business. It satisfies the current as well as future needs of the organization. According to Flippo, “Training is the act of increasing the knowledge and skills in an employee for doing a particular job”.
Hotel industry is growing at the rate of 8% approximately. The main problem facing by the FFI is less skilled employees together with the challenges of attrition rate. Hence, training helps them to train about business courtesy, etiquettes along with communication methods.
Training can be provided to change the behaviour of an individual, as it is an instructor-led and content-based intervention. Companies’ appoints various professional to provide skills to their personals with proper directions. It is very essential for the fresher’s in the organization, because with this they understand their tasks and its practical performance. Moreover, they learn about their job. According to CMI (a particular website), training is conducted on a particular place and time. Also behind every training program, there are some aims along with objectives. Each business has some common objectives like profit maximization, market leading, growth, success plus brand loyalty, these all can be possible with the help of proper training and development programs.

Here development means enhancing the quality of learner, to get good progress in particular field. Development is a wide process, which covers either learning or training. It includes varied elements in it like coaching, formal and informal intervention, education etc.
It is very clear from the above explanation that training improves the on job performances, but development focuses on future presentations. Hence, development centres on individual or organization career growth. Several importance of the training could be:

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But in spite of all above importance, training program may fail due to one wrong action. Thus, while implementation of training methods, the following factors should be kept in mind by the managers: The trainer must be mentally prepared before delivering skills and knowledge’s. There should an appropriate or good place for this process, where participants feel comfortable. While rendering training, trainer must establish good rapport with applicant. Further, before starting with the session trainer is suppose to discuss the aims of training or goals of the program.
This dissertation has been conducted in a sequential manner. The main reason of this research is to analyze how training and development programs are useful for the fast food restaurants. Following chapters will be including in this paper:

Chapter 1 – Introduction:

This heading has clear discussion about research subject as well as its context. In addition to this aims, objectives along with question is explained under particular headings. With this, it clears to the reader about explanation done in the research paper.

Chapter 2 – Literature Review:

Under this heading there is a discussion about fast food industry together with needs of training and development programs in it. In addition to this, there is an explanation of training provided by KFC and McDonalds. With this various beneficial outcomes to the company is also being given in under this topic. Further, what are the methods of training used by both the companies are being provided in this.

Chapter 3 – Research Methodology:

This is the third chapter, which is including information about several data collection methods used to conduct the research. In this study, the researcher is utilizing both primary as well as secondary method. Primary method is undertaken to carry out interview of the managers and employees with the help of questionnaire. Further, secondary sources like journal, case studies plus articles have been conducted to gather data’s.

Chapter 4 – Findings:

This chapter will provide analysis through thematic approach and findings. It will help us in giving implementable solutions and recommendations to organizations in fast food industry.

Chapter 5 - Conclusions and Recommendations:

In this there is a brief about overall explanation in the research paper. This will give summary of the paper as well as useful training methods should be adopted by the mention companies. 

Aims and Objectives of the research

The most important aim of this research is to analyze the usefulness of training and development in the fast food industry, in order to achieve profit plus growth. The discussion will also help in getting knowledge about general methods of training and development being used by FFI. Further will analyze how this program is undertaken by KFC and McDonalds. Several purposes to carry out this research are:

Research Question

This study is primarily done for the reason to discover how training and development programs can be useful for the FFI such as KFC and McDonalds by various questions asking to the managers together with workers. Some asked questions are discussed here, which will help out to accomplish the work. For example, questions related to modifications in the employees performances after completing training programs. It will also clear from the managers, that what types of training method provided by the company. The questions will help us to understand benefits of T&D for employees plus organization. In addition to this, it will give knowledge on how effectiveness of workforce can be improved with the help of T&D sessions.

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Company Overview

As given above, that research will be conduct between two largest and prominent quick service restaurants i.e. Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonalds. These companies are very famous, serves millions of people with the help of their large human resources. In this McDonalds have approx 1200 restaurants in United Kingdom along with giant workforce of 80,000 people. The company is everyday rendering its services to 2 million customers in UK market. Due to the growing competition in the market, the company has started providing training to their employees. This process resulted positively; even employees are more concerned about the organization plus its work. The company is also having following key competitive advantage:

In the contrast, KFC is having 800 restaurants in UK. The company had started giving training to its personals after five years of the establishment of business. It also charges little high prices than others that are the reason it serves to upper and middle class customers.
In McDonalds training is given through different methods such as e-learning, on the job training as well as off the job training. By consulting manager of the McDonalds, it s found that training are provided by the company to learn basics. This helps in getting large returns or outputs. Further, these turns out are quicker and very effective. Recruiting man force is significant but it is difficult to manage them, which can be possible by way of training.
In this context, words of KFC manager is that, employees performances are depend on how the goals are set along with their training sources. Training clearly makes differences in workforce. With this, they able to understand their job easy plus build more confidence in performances. It is advisable for all companies to follow training sessions in their workings. This helps individuals to follow correct pattern of work. In addition to this, it learns them from serving customers to using complex technical appliances practically.
If we compare these two restaurants, MCD’s able to attract more customers than KFC. This is due to the reason, that McDonald’s ways of promotions are very cheerful. Further, it is very different from other fast food chains, in serving patterns, menus as well as client handling. Even the taglines which it makes are able to remember by people for long time. For instance, “I’m lovin it” also the current one “When mmm... meets ahhh...” these are meaningful. But in case of KFC it has only “Finger licking good”. Moreover, it has been used by the company for several years.
In addition to this customer services are also very essential. Due to this, the employees have to give their best, as consumers are always right. These services also make the buyer to come again and avail the offerings of the company. For instance, in some restaurants of McDonalds, they provide playground for their clients children. This proves that MCD targets to children.

Statement of the problem

There are various basic problems in FFI, was found by the researcher while doing research. Mainly, FFI are the small size fast food restaurants as well as they don’t have as such enough resources. This is the reason they are not capable to develop themselves. The problems are not only related to resources, they are also not much aware with the T&D. As FFI are not very clear with the concept of T&D, it is expected to spend extra money and time.
Environment is getting technical and with this people are becoming more advance day by day. Thus, FFI also have to step with the fast changing situations. They have to progress with the trends, side by side have to be more practical. With this growing competition within different companies, employees moves to that place where they find better career. In order to retain effective employee for long with the organization, FFI should try to figure out better performing workforce and train them properly.

Importance of the research

The main aim of this overall study is to analyze how training and development is effective and also to evaluate the presentation level of FFI especially KFC and McDonalds. This research paper will discover which organization is more focussing on T&D programs for their workforce. Further, it will also detect which firm is more persistent for the reason to attain the set target.


This chapter will provide the complete overview about the subject following with research problems, aims, objectives as well as importance. It will also provide some ideas of research to the readers. After reading brief summary on the topic, one would be able to understand the need plus effectiveness of the training and development session within the company. The discussion will discuss about the improvements in performances as well as quality of the employees after proper training programs.

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