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EU and US cooperation in counter terrorism

Sample on how to fight counter terrorism

Study of EU and US cooperation in counter terrorism

Terrorism is coercive and planned violence which is created to spread fear among people. Its motive is to accomplish their unlawful goals, objectives and create violence and spread fear among people. Tremendous changes can be noticed in the terrorist movements all over the world. At present, the terrorism activities and attacks are almost different in comparison to that which has already occurred in the past. The Recent form of terrorism attacks is not only very dangerous and lethal, but they are more drastic and extremist, therefore it has become very important for the world to take big actions against it. One of the biggest examples is US –EU collaboration to combat terrorism. The battle against terrorism is not restricted to a military operation only. It will require wide law enforcement, brainpower, economic and monetary support at the same time political and international relation dialogue will be required.

The 11th September 2001 terrorist attacks on Pentagon and the World Trade Center were a breaking point event for U.S. foreign and security course of action, by which it became necessary to fight against the terrorism. These attacks also had an intense impact on the external element of European integration and the development of intra-European and transatlantic relations. Therefore both U.S. and EU decided to collaborate with each other in order to combat terrorism. Fighting Terrorism is one of the most significant aspects of the collaboration of the EU- US. The study is carried out to recognize the measures which could be used for fighting terrorism, and the impact and effectiveness on combating terrorism by United States and Europe (Bossong, 2008). In the finding and data analysis it was found out that Europe and United States together has made a very good effort in fighting terrorism but it is also important that some difference between United States and Europe should be sought out so that they can take the cooperation for combating terrorism further.


There are many essential elements to the Europe people and European governmental response to 11th September attack and U.S.-led military act against the al-Qaeda terrorist association and terrorist rule in Afghanistan. To begin with, there was a massive outburst of condolence and sympathy for the United States from European citizens and a government official following 11th September attack, from then on the ties of both US- EU has strengthen and continues to bind both sides of the Atlantic. Europe and United States have shared history and a common cultural tradition. They also share both common interests and common ethics (Bures, 2006).

The topic for research is “The United States and European union in the counter Terrorism 2009-2011”. The study has been undertaken to have an understanding about the various strategies and techniques being adopted by both the governments. Various measures were also taken so as to respond against the terrorist threats and acts. Terrorism is an unlawful activity and it is put into effect in order to create a panic in the mind of the masses to make them believe that they are feeble and susceptible (International terrorism and security research, n.d). In the present scenario Terrorist movements has been drastically changed. It has become more deadly and fatal. It includes widespread devastation of property and killings (Charter and Richards, 2007).
Terrorism to accomplish their goals, objectives and to communicate their message, Terrorists uses variety of ways. For example, they plant explosives and bombs in crowded areas, hijacking of airplanes as well as hotels, suicide attacks, kidnapping and assassination of the prominent personalities etc. Terrorist activities across the world may be guided by different intentions but there are certain objectives that are common behind every such act. This may be an aspiration to get control over a certain region, to remove enemies or to muster mass support through terror (Whittaker, 2007).

To avoid and tackle terrorism and its attacks the US and EU cooperated to counter terrorism. Transatlantic partnership between Europe and the United States is often depicted for the basis of Mutual goals, general values and overlapping interests. Many viewers believe that in terms of prosperity and security Europe and the United States have developed progressively more interdependent. Both sides of the Atlantic face a common set of challenges, including the weaken effects of rogue and failing states, economic concerns, weapons proliferation, climate change, energy security and terrorism. Both sides support free markets, democracy, open societies and individual rights (Mix, 2012).
The purpose of this research is to analyze the impact and effectiveness of the partnership between the United States and European in the Counter-Tourism. This research also focuses on the various aspects and challenges being faced by both sides to fight against the terrorism. The theoretical part of this research will give introduction about the many initiatives being taken by these countries to improve the police, intensification of the transport and aviation security, new enforcement of the law as well as intelligence cooperation agreements among its member states (Kolodkin, n.d). The conclusion part of the research shows the findings and the analysis of the research topic.

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1.1 Significance of the Research

This study will be an important effort in promoting the agreement and techniques used by the US and EU to counter terrorism. This study will also be useful to the instructors and students who are interested studying and analyzing the activities of terrorism and the role of US and EU to handle it (Goetz and Rosenbach, 2008). Moreover, this research will provide recommendations on how to tackle terrorism in different countries in accordance to different terrorism attacks. It will also serve as a future reference for researchers on the subjects of US and EU in the counter Terrorism 2009-2011. Research on this topic in past is done very limited due to its sensitive issues; therefore this would prove a breakthrough for the people who want to do research and the students who are studying public policy and political issues for them this research would prove as a learning resource (Alexander, 1998).

1.2 Aim of the Research

1.3 Objectives of the Research

The objectives of the research report are as follows:

The theoretical part of the research gives introduction about the transatlantic partnership between the two countries as well as the successfulness of the institutional pillars of the NATO and EU in promoting the safety and prosperity in Europe. Many new U.S.-EU agreements have also been undertaken such as information sharing and protecting data privacy (Bongar, Brown, Beutler, Brechnridge and Zimbardo, n.d).

After the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack, European Union has taken many initiatives to fight against the terrorism and thus improved the police, intensification of the transport and aviation security, new enforcement of the law as well as intelligence cooperation agreements among its member states (EU counter- Terrorism coordinator, n.d).
This research also focuses on the various aspects and challenges being faced by both sides to fight against the terrorism. The theoretical part of this research will give introduction about the many initiatives being taken by these countries to improve the police, intensification of the transport and aviation security, new enforcement of the law as well as intelligence cooperation agreements among its member states (Kolodkin, n.d).

1.4 The Structure of the Dissertation

The dissertation structure comprises of the following:

The first part is the introduction, which consists of the basic elements and tactics of terrorism and the formation of US and EU counter terrorism. It also includes the significance of the project to the researchers and students and the aim and objectives of the project which is mainly to analyze the impact and effectiveness of the partnership between the EU and United States in the Counter-Tourism (De Goede, 2008).

The Literature review is a description of what has been published or available on a subject by credited researchers and scholars, it is kind of a composition of the views of different authors and scholars about the related topic. In this project it includes the reviews of various authors and researchers on topic terrorism, counter terrorism, United States and European Union Counter-Terrorism cooperation, Initiatives of the U.S. and EU cooperation to combat terrorism and key issues in the relationship between United States and European union (Taylor, n.d).

Research methodology, is the section where you provide reasons for choosing particular methods of research and what are the different tools and ways used in the research project. To do this research its main objective was to analyze the effectiveness of the EU and US cooperation in the counter terrorism2009-2011. Then the purpose of carrying out the research project was to find the answers of the major three questions that are whether terrorism can be stopped, whether by uniting together against terrorism EU and US can fight better and whether other countries should also join or use such methods (Jones, 2006). Research methodology consists of adequate research methods used for the project that is qualitative, descriptive and exploratory research is used in this research, different data collection methods are used that is both primary and secondary data, for primary data interviews and group discussion was conducted and for secondary source the data was collected from journals, books, articles and various official websites, then the Scope of the research is discussed; its impact on terrorism, the ways used to counter terrorism and various reasons behind the conflict between US-EU which can be used for further studies and research , it also shows wide scope regarding carrying out the research further for the purpose of more findings (House of Representatives, 2007). There were various limitations which came across during the research that is limitation of time, area and many more and. During interview and group discussion personal level questions were restricted to the extent and questions were framed in a way that they were jus related to the research topic. Lastly ethics were kept in mind while doing the research project (Kothari, C.R, 1985).

The final part of the research will briefly define the result of this study, that is the finding and analysis of data which involves a number of directly connected processes which are performed with the purpose of abbreviating the collected data and arranging these in a manner that they justify the research objectives. The findings and data analysis is where you give the data created during the course of research and evaluate them. In this project it is done in brief on the basis of qualitative data (Dawson, 2002).
In Conclusion and recommendations we include results of our research project and new ideas, it also includes a indication on doing the research learning and also recognize ways in which you might take the effort further as added research or investigation, in this research report the conclusion and recommendation is drawn in the end in which you sum up your result and signify conclusions from them, perhaps in relation to findings and research literature (Kumar, 2005).


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