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A Human Resource Management Dissertation can comprise a broad range of topics. Therefore it is crucial to begin by studying the various subjects of human resource Management and then focus on a particular subject area that helps a baffled student to choose a rewarding HRM topic for the dissertation. Careers in human resources can be lucrative and thriving for students. When you’re coming close towards getting your human resource management degree, the final step will be your thesis/dissertation. Writing HRM dissertation is indeed challenging, and that is why, we are offering some useful HRM dissertation proposals that can be selected by you to achieve stellar grades and coruscating academic career.

Major roles of HRM Department:

Major roles of HR Dissertation Topics

Staffing HRM Dissertation Topics

Staffing is the key role of HRM. Right from hiring the best hand to allocating a department, human resource manager has to see that the whole process is carried out smoothly. Here, HR follows the role of a recruiter and head hunts to get the best possible help to suit the requirements of the job. Some significant staffing dissertation Topics are:

  • How to use interview as a platform for projecting the organization image in correct light
  • Staffing techniques that may help you have enough workforce
  • How to determine the job responsibilities of a very experienced professional
  • Is it right to put an experienced expert on a probation period?
  • Staffing - how much is too much
  • How to determine the correct time for changing the department of an employee

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Appraisal Dissertation Topics

A lot depends on how an organization treats its employees. Performance appraisal is a way to demonstrate how the work of an employee has contributed or not contributed to the growth of an organization. There are a number of ways of performance appraisal and as an aspirant of HR, you can consider writing dissertation on appraisal topics; such as:

  • Comparison of Traditional vs. Modern Methods of Performance Appraisal
  • Relevance of Graphic Rating scales in present scenario
  • Why the need for modern methods of performance appraisal
  • Are traditional methods of performance appraisal still relevant
  • How behaviour in addition to work performance is necessary while appraising the performance
  • Are exams the correct method of assessing an employee?

Training And Development Dissertation Topics

Training a resource is one of the primary responsibilities of an HR manager. There is a dire need to mould the new entrant as per the work environment of the organization. Sometimes, it may be required to make a resource more skillful than what he is at present. It is observed that during tough times, this activity takes a backseat in the struggling organization; however, it is not wise to undermine its importance. Some crucial training and development dissertation topics are:

  • Is training the ultimate solution?
  • Who needs soft skills and what are these
  • How to impart training in a budget
  • Ways to measure the effectiveness of training program
  • Onsite-training Vs Off-site training - which is more suitable option
  • Can training compensate for a poor selection?
  • How to determine the required skill-set for an employee required for working in extreme conditions

Motivation Dissertation Topics

Motivation forms the crux of an employer-employee relationship. Both the employees as well as the employer are able to get into a cohesive bond if they have something beneficial to offer to each other. Motivation theories are mostly based on the psychological complexity of human nature, and that is why, it is advisable for an HRM expert to know the employee completely. Here are some HRM Dissertation ideas to get you started.

  • Understanding links between motivation and performance
  • How motivation and job satisfaction are inter-related
  • Use of motivation as a tool for retention
  • Motivated workforce is a productive workforce
  • How rewards and recognition help in motivation
  • Does motivation give way to competition
  • Is negative motivation also required?

Methods of Performance Appraisal

Maintenance Dissertation Topics

Maintenance is one of the most crucial activities of HRM department in an organization. A lot of wear and tear happens throughout a financial year, and the onus of keeping the premises presentable, and all hard resources functional is one of the core responsibilities of an HR manager. Thus, as a student studying HR, you may require addressing various issues on making premise a ground for a healthy work environment. Some of the high scoring HRM dissertation topics are:

  • HR in action - How it helps in achieving an updated work premise
  • Maintenance - what challenges HR faces
  • When to stand for change - from HR’s perspective
  • How clean premises and buildings help in keeping employees motivated
  • Taking care of small things like the first-aid box to huge issues such as cutting down on electricity expenses
  • Duties of HR in maintaining soft resources

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Strategy Dissertation Topics

A lot of strategizing goes into HR management. An organization faces many challenges throughout the work cycle, and HR needs to help everybody in the organization in staying motivated irrespective of the kind of phase prevalent. Thus, there is a wide scope for writing dissertations keeping HR strategies in mind:

  • How to formulate HR policy keeping cultural diversity in mind
  • Downsizing: When it is required and how to implement this strategy
  • Strategy for maintaining the productivity of an employee in cross-border working atmosphere
  • Using religious beliefs in the maintenance of healthy work culture
  • This is how we do it here - how to inform employees of the organization work culture without getting offensive
  • Using culture as a social bond for winning employee loyalty

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