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Gender Equality in Manufacturing Organization

Sample for Gender Equality in Manufacturing Organization


In today’s world, HRM has made the training and education as priority to access the skills and knowledge required for the employee to work in an organization and to work with great equality to achieve the desire results and furthermore quality training is also necessary to develop the technical competency of the employees Bhatnagar, Budhwar, Srivastava and Saini, (2010). In addition, literature review also suggests that the training in manufacturing industry of India is not available at high scale and it is poor in many organizations in India Sharma, (1992). The purpose of the research is to examine extensively the importance of training and education in future and the aim of the study is to determine ways of training employees in the Indian organizations and how can training and education impacts human capital and gender equality.

Training is an important issue to explore because non – trainers will get affected in the future because of the technological change and the new legal procedures, Sharma, (1992). Additionally, training and education opportunities will also reduce the risk of unemployment and will increase the firm’s competitiveness Malik and Nilakant, (2011). The research will also focus on those areas which remains unexplored in the field of training and education in Indian organization and which needs to get investigated.

Moreover, the purpose will focus on the qualitative data and the interviews because the need of the research is to take the employees views for the lack of training in the Indian organization. According to the research question “Whether training and education can significantly contribute to human capital and gender equality in Indian manufacturing organization’’ the two main areas which are to be considered are need of the training for employees in the Indian organization and the reason for the lack of training in the organization. The interviews will reveal the opinions and suggestions of the employees and the qualitative method will be used in the form of structured and unstructured interviews and will be processed through the manual open code method which will help in collecting the rich data

Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 Introduction

In today’s world the training has become the crucial part of the human resource because training helps the employees in increasing their knowledge and skills. Moreover the importance of this research is to determine the significance of the training which will help the trainees and the trainer and this management research will ultimately helps in determining the opportunities for organizational performance (Aziz and Ahmad 2011).In India managers are facing new challenges because of the technological change and similarly managers need to train the employees to work with safety in new organizational climate.

In this research the company selected for the analysis is Akrati Decorators. The company is situated in India and is involved in the manufacturing of glasses, used for the decoration purpose. The company is situated in Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh (India) where the company has a high availability of cheap labor but is not skilled to the level required for the purpose of training. The company provides the glass related decorative products requiring high skills for developing each finished product. The company also provides services related to the developing of the glasses on contractual basis for the outside vendors. The company manufactures and trades in raw glasses and also the final decorative products made up of glasses.

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The company’s total turnover is approximately 150 lakh’s rupees. The company total turnover growth rate is around 10 % every year. The company is performing very well as analyzed from the past data’s and can grow further by the use of training in the organization because there is a huge availability of unskilled labor which can be trained and can be utilized for the production. The companies has a total of around 50 employees, out of which 30 are unskilled and rest are experienced but are not trained at any point of their career. Most of the employees of the company are unskilled that are in the need of training that could help them in understanding their work and completing it with full efficiency. Training and education has become the need of the hour for the company and for the productivity and profitability it is very important that proper training programs should be organized within the company. These training programs must teach them how to handle the new tools and techniques that could be applied in the working process. The Company has several of the growth opportunities available but it seems that due to the lack of the training of the employees and skilled workers the company is lacking its growth. Akraiti Decorators follows the Porter’s value chain model through, which it gathers the raw material and brings out with the finish product. The whole process involves inbound logistics, outbound logistics, marketing and sales services, and operations. To handle all the tasks the company has hired the human resource that could look around all the activities. The company is also focused in adopting the new technologies for bringing the efficiency and effectiveness in the work process. Either of recruiting the new employees the company is focused in giving job training to the employees, because the philosophy of the company is that old employees can easily learn the working process and can perform better, but new employees need to explain each and every process from the beginning, therefore company is more strive in giving on the job training to employees. Furthermore the need to explore the importance of education and training in India is that training helps in minimizing the pollution in manufacturing industry and thus the topic of training and education in regards of human capital and gender equality should be focused. Several of the Indian small and medium size manufacturing firms does not provide training because of the lack of finance and the fear of loosing the trained workers who might quit their existing job therefore the lack of training and education affects the human capital and the gender equality. Training is depend upon the education level of employees and the impact of gender inequality also affects the human capital in any organization, thus training and education is related to the gender inequality and the human capital (Zheng, Hyland and Soosay 2007).

Ultimately this research paper will highlight the relationship between the training and education with the impact on gender inequality and the human capital.

1.2 Research Question

The research question will focus on the need of training and education in the Indian manufacturing firms, which has a relationship with the human capital and the gender equality furthermore there has been lack of research in the field of training and education in India, which motivates the researcher in finding out the outcomes of the research question i.e., “Whether training and education can significantly contribute to human capital and gender equality in Indian manufacturing organization”. The Research will also focus over the importance of training and education in the changing technology and how it helps the managers and employees to work in the new organizational environment. The research will also focus over the importance of training and education in increasing the production capacity of manufacturing firms in India. Along with the importance of training and education the researcher will also revolve around how training and education helps the small and large organizations in increasing the rate of the customers. Training and educations also helps the organizations in increasing the performance and quality of work of the employees that helps the companies in increasing the profitability and market position among the competitors. Thus the main aim of the research paper is to find out the outcome of the impact of training and education and the benefits on the human capital and gender equality (Kathuria, Porth, Kathuria and Kohli 2010). Ultimately this research paper will examine the relationship between the ratio of female and male employees who can further contribute in enhancing the human capital ratio and increasing the gender equality in small size Indian manufacturing firms.

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1.3 Justification of the study

This management research is very important and useful because the research question is significant for the manufacturing industries of India in terms of understanding the importance of training and education furthermore this research paper is helpful for the manager of the manufacturing industry to acknowledge the importance of human capital which will enhance the organizational performance and gender equality Yadapadithaya, (2000). Secondly the in-depth investigation of the validity from various journals about the significance of the training and the education is useful in high performance work systems (Bjorkman and Budhwar, 2007).

Subsequently the research question has a significant impact on the employer and the employee to understand ‘why’ and ‘how’ training and education can help in retaining the human capital and how can education and training effect in enhancing the ratio of the women in small manufacturing organization in India. This research paper has also focused on the validity and reliability and thus qualitative technique was used to develop the questionnaire for the respondents to collect the rich data (Saunders, Lewis and Thornhill 2009). For the collection of data questionnaire were divided among male and female employees who are working in the company and the manager and supervisor were also considered to fill up the questionnaire. However there are some limitations of this paper which should be considered despite of the potential benefits of this management research.

1.4 Limitations of the study

Despite India is a developing economy the training programs are very little due to the various reasons and therefore the research in the field of training in the manufacturing sector in India is not very vast thus, this is the first limitation (Quraeshi and Luqmani 2011). Furthermore, this research paper confines itself to the topic particularly related with effects of training and education on the human capital and the gender equality and it will not cover any other aspects related to manufacturing industry. In addition this paper will only focus on the significance and impact of training and education in India in manufacturing company.
There are some limitations which is related to the qualitative technique and analyzing the data through qualitative research and moreover taking only one company in consideration, the data cannot show the universal result and ultimately this is the another limitation of this research paper (Saunders, Lewis and Thornhill 2009).

1.5 The structure of the paper

This research paper will focus on the six sections in the form of chapter one to six therefore chapter one will outline the introduction and the purpose of the research paper which includes the summary of the whole research. Chapter two will focus on the literature review which will further include the research done by the authors on the particular topic and the critical analysis in addition chapter three will outline the different methodologies and the samples used for analyzing the data for the particular topic and chapter three will also help the researcher in completing the research accurately.

Chapter four will include the findings and the technique which is used by the researcher and chapter five will give the review to the reader about the findings about the research paper and the possibilities of the research paper and ultimately chapter six will present the final conclusions and the recommendations for the future and for the present research paper along with the justification.

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1.6 Conclusion

Ultimately this research paper will conclude the aim and relevance of doing the research on the training and education program and the chapters present the purpose of the study therefore the research is done on the basis of justification. Subsequently the key areas were identified in the chapter one which will help the reader in analyzing about the research topic and the relevance of the research topic however few limitations of the research paper were also cited and finally this paper will identify the different gaps in the literature and this management study will also discuss the critical analysis of the literature review in the next chapter. The next chapter will help the reader in understanding the significance of the topic.


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