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Impact of Training & Development Programs for Employees

Sample on Impact of Training & Development Programs for Employees


Training and development is one of the essential parts of in any of the organization. Training is an important tool for development of employees and has assumed great significance due to unprecedented rate of change in the internal and external environment of company. The main purpose of these programs is to assess the effect of change in the behavior of employees so as to enable them to meet the present and future requirements of their tasks and roles.

Training is used as an instrument of behavior change that must be carried out in a systematic manner, a careful designed training program must undertake all the phases that is beginning from the analysis of organization to evaluation of training program in order to notice the effect of training sessions on the individual and on the job performance and the overall efficiency of the various departments and organization on a whole.

The effectiveness in planning of a career in any of the firm largely depends on the extent to which training and development opportunities are made available to workforce to enable them to recognize their own growth potential and to make contributions towards achievement of the organizational aims and objectives. Training and development activities are the main mechanisms through which any individual’s goals and aspirations can be integrated with the firm’s goals and requirements.

The report is mainly intended to study the impact of training and development programs in the hospitality industry and the significance of these programs on raising the level of motivation among the employees. Primary data has been collected through questionnaire and response of employees of the Taj, hotel are accumulated through survey method. Secondary data is accumulated through books, journals and articles. . Study has been done to accomplish the conclusion and recommendations and is evaluated in the research that training of employees plays a very significant part in the service industry and makes the employees fell motivated.

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1.1 Introduction

Training and development programs are an ongoing process and very essential for the success of organizations Employees are considered as assets who are responsible for success of any organization. In a workplace, people from various social groups come and work under one umbrella as a team. Organizations are facing tough competition today globally, so it has become essential that the workforce should be made capable enough to meet the challenges and goals of the organization. For this reason, proper training and development programs are required for employees. in order to guide them to achieve the business goals and to perform in a better way (Rae, 2000).

1.2 Literature Review

Training and development aim towards optimum utilization of the available human resource in the management, and it also helps an individual to achieve organizational as well as their own personal goals. It aids to present an opportunity and a wide structure for the growth of the workforce. The skills imparted could be about the technical knowledge of the work or the behavioral skills that are required in every individual to work in a team, with harmony in the organization. Training and development programs help in the development of productivity of the workforce and improve the culture of the firm. Such programs build a positive environment among the workforce and strong team spirit. Hence all this factors help motivate employees to perform their job effectively, and a sense of belongingness is also developed for the organization (Kozlowski and Salas, 2009).

1.3 Company Background

This research project focuses on the training and development processes and policies that are followed in Hotel “Taj Palace” at Dubai UAE. Taj Palace Dubai is a five deluxe star hotel and is known all around the world for the world class hospitality offered to its guests. It caters its guests luxurious facilities and well serviced apartments Situated in the heart of the city, the hotel has 147 luxury rooms, 10 executive suites 90 deluxe apartments and 2 royal suites equipped with modern facilities. Taj promises to cater excellent services, and offers immaculate facilities for an unforgettable stay.

1.4 Research Aims and Objectives

The main aim of the study is to find out the benefits of training and development programs for employees working in Taj hotel, Dubai. The objectives have been summarized below:

  • To analyze the benefits of the training programs imparted to the employees in Taj hotel.
  • To assess the methods of training and development programs being carried out in Taj for the employees.
  • To suggest recommendations to the management of the hotel that might aid in the improvement of the human resource practices.

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1.5 Research Methodology

Appropriate research methodology selection helps to assess the research problem in an effective manner. In this research, questionnaire method will be used for the collection of the primary data and other secondary information would be collected through various journals and articles will be reviewed to know about the entire hospitality industry. The survey would be conducted among the managers of the human resources working in Taj and as well as among the employees of the hotel to get a proper response. The size of the sample would be in a total of 30 respondents that will include 10 managers and 20 employees of the hotel. The researcher will be using both the close and open ended questions in the questionnaire. The researcher will try to finish the survey within the set time period and all the constraints for ethics will be sustained in the research and information that would be collected from the survey would be kept confidential (Bryman and Bell, 2007).

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