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Inventory Management

At John Lewis Partnership

INTRODUCTION toinventory management

The inventory management of John Lewis ensures that all its products are available at every store on time and according to the requirements. In order to make sure effective functioning of this system the company entered into partnership with KNAPP, which provides solutions to all its inventory management problems and made it possible to reach customers in a faster manner.

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Since 2006, KNAPP is working for John Lewis helping it to furnish its distribution center in Milton Keynes . With this, John Lewis now provides efficiency in all warehouse processes. Its inventory management process involves modular design and expandable solutions. Along with this, the company ensures that a coordination and compatibility is maintained within each warehouse and store in order to make goods available. It has strengthened its distribution network in such a manner that no stock outs appear now (John Lewis Partnership, 2012).

John Lewis has a distribution center known as “The Magna Park” distribution centre, which is the reason behind the effective inventory management. This company has enhanced its management of inventory such that with the help of an inventory control software the work of administering it has become quite easy. For this, the company maintains a stock keeeping unit (SKU) of each of its item in the store. Each product which is available at each of a store of John Lewis has a unique code which helps the employees working at the store to identify the prdocut immediately and present infornt of the customers visting the stores. The person operating the software of the inventory updates the information about the stock in the computer which makes it easy to track the product from the stock of inventory kept. This helps the staff working at retail store of john lewis oartnership to seach a product and much of their time is avoided from being wasted (John Lewis in deal with Gazeley for new DC, 2013).

With the help of the inventory software, it is become easy to carry on the orders and receiving of inventory automatically. The software will let the retailer at a particular store know that a particular product is out of stcok and is in maximum demand by the customers. This will put an order to main distribution center “The Magna Park” of John Lewis partnership and the operator there will be able to know about the requirement. Immediately, the order can be fulfilled. Like wise, the company is able to maintain its level of stock at each store and alos avoids any stock outs. This will satisfy the customers always and they will not get the impression that the company is running out of stock.

A proper history of all sales ocuured at each store is also maintained by the inventory software. This data on sales helps to know that which product is in maximum demand and which is least demanded. This way, orders for those products are given more and maximum storage is kept (John Lewis Selects Sterling Order Management for Integrated Cross-Channel Management, 2011).


The effectiveness of the company in inventory management is seen in the fact that its customers are satisfied from its services and it is being reported that orders are fulfilled at the required time. Also, in case of online shopping goods reach at the desired place to the customers.

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