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Service Failure & Recovery Investigation

Free Sample on Service Failure & Recovery Investigation

Service Failure And Recovery in Hospitality Industry

The following dissertation is related to subject of the problems of service failure and service recovery in the hospitality industry. The research setting selected for the dissertation is Savoy Hotel, London. The purpose of the dissertation is to investigate the reasons of service failure during service encounter and the attributes of service recovery which are effective for having good customer relationship through restoration of services. In order to conduct the research on this subject, specific methodology is used.

For the data collection purpose, qualitative research design is undertaken in the following dissertation. Under the qualitative research design, two methods are used, structured interview method and documentary analysis method. With the inclusion of both these methods mainly qualitative data is collected. The documentary analysis is conducted in the form of literature review. The data analysis in the following dissertation is done with the help of qualitative data analysis method. The qualitative data analysis is done in descriptive form. From the data analysis, several findings have been generated in the form of the results of the entire dissertation work.

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In the discussion section the results of the research are discussed with the support of literature source.From the overall analysis of the data and the results generated in the discussion section, the final results of the research are summarized in the conclusion form. This has been concluded finally, that there are several attributes of service failures that are essential to be considered by the hotel in order to avoid the problems and challenges faced by them in the form of service failure and loosing customers. In addition to this, some attributes of service recovery are also defined by including which the hotel organization can improve the future business performance through high degree of customer satisfaction. Some recommendations are also proposed for the future research work and Savoy Hotel.


In the service industry customer service is the most important aspects. When the customers service is not provide to the appropriate level, the service providing companies have to face the problem of service failure. Due to the problem of service failure the companies have threat to loose their customers that is an alarming condition for the sustainable position of the future business of the company. The hotel industry is also a service industry in which customer service has utmost importance. The quality of service is the main aspect that is looked upon by the customers in the hotel industry (Lockyer 2007). The degree of customers’ satisfaction can be attained only through the provision of the best quality products and services. With the provision of better customer services the business organizations can win the trust of the customers and can make the customer loyal towards it in the long term.

Purpose of the Chapter

The main purpose of this chapter is to explore the importance of customer serviceand its effectiveness in the hotel industry. This research is mainly conducted in a particular hotel company, i.e. Savoy Hotel, London. This research has been undertaken to investigate the main reasons that makes the customer service failure in the hotel company. With the help of this research the major attributes of the service failure would be explored in an in-depth manner.

In addition to this, the ways for service recovery are also analyzed in the same discussion to assist the management of the hotel with the new aspects of service recovery so that in future the hotel would be able to retain the customers to a good level by winning their loyalty. With the help of this dissertation the significance of service delivery in the hotel industry would be analyzed to make the entire hotel industry aware towards preserving their business from the problem of service failure and to have implementation of the new ways to recover the service failure.

The main subject are of this marketing dissertation . Under the subject of marketing, service delivery is the most important aspect in the process of marketing of services. When the service marketing practices are not followed to a good and required level the service providing companies become involved in the issues of service failure. The service failure situations put the future sustainability of the business organizations in great threat. In the hospitality industry, customers’ service is the utmost priority of the management (Gemkow 2011).

The research is mainly based on a specific argument. The main argument for this research is stated as, “whether the customers service failure an importance consideration for the management of the hotel companies or not, and should they take measures to service recovery in an effective way.” This argument has provided the base for this dissertation. On the basis of this argument, the dissertation can be directed on the right path to attain the main objectives of the dissertation in a successful manner.

There has been explored a detailed literature yet, that has done exploration of the different attributes of customer service in the hotel industry and important of customer service in the hotel, but still the literature has not explored the ways through which customer services can be provided in such a way that all the service industries can have better degree of service recovery to a successful level. The literature has mainly investigated the problems of service delivery but the reasons of the service failure and protections of the businesses from these problems have been discussed in detail among the literatures till date. This is the main gap of the literature in the present date. With the help of this dissertation this gap in the existing information of the research would be filled to a good extent.

In this research the business organization for taking as a case study is Savoy Hotel. In relation to this hotel, the research project is mainly exploring the problem of service failure in the hotel as a case. Further the research project is aimed to provide some effective ways to the hotel management in order to make them have successful service delivery in the future run.

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Scope and Focus of the Research

The scope of this research is quite vast in the hotel industry. The service delivery is the subject of utmost importance in the hotel industry. Without providing good degree of customers’ satisfaction the management of the hotel can not gain customer satisfaction to a good level. The research not only has its implication in the hospitality industry, but also has equal degree of importance in the entire service sector industry to improve the level of customer satisfaction. The application of this research can also be seen in the academic field to assist the future researchers to accomplish the research work related to the same topic.

The main focus of this research is on the service delivery provision followed by the management of the hotel companies. Under the focus of the research, the main aspects of customers’ services taken into consideration are the attributes of service failures, attributes of service recovery, importance of service quality, importance of customers satisfaction and ways to recover service failure are the main important ones.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of this study is to analyze cultural issues of the failure and recovery in service encounters in the Savoy Hotel. The main subject of the research is service delivery in the hotel industry. In association to this topic the research is manly aimed to analyze the main causes of service failure in the related industry in order to explore the root cause of the problem of service failure. With the exploration of this aim, the research would be able to explore the main service attributes that are essential to be covered in the service delivery process by the hotel companies to provide high degree of customer satisfaction. Finally, the research is putting light on the main ways to have service recovery in an effective way.

The research objectives are based on the hotel service encounter in case of Savoy Hotel, which are:-

  • To analyse theoretical frameworks and conceptual models from literature to identify cultural issues in relation to service encounter.
  • To investigate cultural issues failure and recovery by influences with the help of Hopkins social identity theory, which show the relationship between culture distance service and domestic culture
  • To evaluate service recovery strategy by Wardens, which show how to recover the post consumer behavior related to culture?

Researcher going to find the research gap by doing the investigation study in order to problem solving which make effective improvement the current cultural issue with the help of research method which is qualitative and quantitative data.

Researcher going to make recommend to Savoy Hotel on recovering cultural issues from service failures, on the base of literature review, and result of data analysis which is going to collect from primary resource which is close ended interview questionnaire.

Summary of the Chapters

Chapter 1 Introduction : This is the first chapter of the dissertation. The chapter is mainly providing information about the main focus of the dissertation and the scope of the dissertation in the contemporary period. In addition to the chapter is including purpose of the dissertation and the main aim and objectives of this dissertation.

Chapter 2 Literature Review :This is the second chapter of the dissertation which is mainly exploring the main literature sources to analyze the different aspect of service failure and the ways to have service recovery. This chapter is including theoretical aspects and frameworks to support the results of the research.

Chapter 3 Methodology :This is the third chapter of the dissertation. This chapter would mainly discuss the research methodology used in the research to collect the data for this research. The main research method used for data collection purpose in the research is primary data collection method, i.e. interview method. The secondary data is mainly collected through literature review method.

Chapter 4 Company Background/ Industry Background : This is the fourth chapter of the dissertation. This chapter is mainly focusing on the research setting. Under the research setting discussion, under this chapter the company background and the industry background would be discussed in detail.

 Chapter 5 Findings :This is the fifth chapter of the dissertation. Under this chapter the data collected in the dissertation would be analyzed with the help of qualitative data analysis method to generate the major findings of the dissertation. The data findings are mainly generated on the basis of responses gathered from the two respondents of the hotel to the interview conducted. Under the analysis section the views of the respondents are presented in the form of quotes and their analysis is done in specific way.

Chapter 6 Discussion :Under this chapter the main findings generated from the data analysis would be discussed in detail.

Chapter 7 Conclusion :Under this chapter the major conclusions of the dissertation would be summarized in the form of research results. In addition to this some recommendations would also be provided.


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