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Help in Management Dissertation Writing and Help

Writing a dissertation on management topics can become easier if you use proper guide for selecting one. Management dissertation writing is research-based, requires student to explore the topic deeply and also helps in understanding its practical aspect. Thus, you must use those topics that are up to date, can be related to management concepts and give way to a proper structure that can ascertain the logical flow of information.

  • Finance Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Organization Behaviour
  • Leadership
  • Management Information Systems
  • Advertising and promotions

Function Of Management

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Finance Management Dissertation Topics

Finance management deals with the issues related to costs, cost control, cost audit and all other aspects that are required for smooth carrying out of business and its processes. Neither the resource should be idle nor it should be consumed over-time, this is what proper finance management aims at. Some interesting finance management topics worth writing dissertation on are:

  • Long term capital management - causes and solutions
  • Impact of capital structure on company performance
  • Determinants of capital structure in UK retail sector
  • Capital structure overview of UK banks
  • Managerial ownership and its impact on capital structure
  • Micro-finance services - a detailed overview
  • Role of WTO in world trade

Marketing Management Topics for Dissertation

Marketing management is focussed on bringing the product or service to the user. The user must understand the need for product and the producers should also reach the target consumers and this is facilitated with help of marketing management. Important marketing dissertations topics are:

  • Factors that work in the formulation of pricing strategy
  • Role of advertising in creating brand loyalty
  • Identifying points of sale for an upcoming toothpaste brand
  • Need analysis and its role in formulating marketing strategy
  • How internet influences consumer behaviour
  • Marketing strategy of Starbucks
  • Evaluating marketing and promotion strategy of a global brand
  • Creative advertising vs direct marketing - comparative analysis

Organization Behaviour Dissertation Topics

A set of actions performed by entities in organization in order to achieve specific goals is termed as organization behaviour. This field entails human psychology, organizational goals, hierarchical strategy and leadership roles. Important organization behaviour dissertation topics are:

  • Challenges before organization in keeping employees motivated
  • Ways to manage interpersonal conflicts
  • Why leadership is important for organizational growth
  • How organizational culture can help in employee retention
  • How organizational changes can help in becoming market leader - analyse a profit-making organization
  • What key actions RBS require to take in order to remain at top in UK banking sector
  • How can organizational behaviour concepts bring stability to a market leader

Leadership Dissertation Topics

Leadership is about directing the team towards better performance and ultimately to organizational growth. In a dissertation related to leadership, a student can explore the case and effect relationship between effective leadership and company’s growth.

  • Important leadership styles and their implications
  • Role of a leader in making of a winning team
  • Evaluating leadership model of Tesco
  • What is Blended-learning method and how is it applicable in leadership?
  • How leadership is important in hospitality industry
  • Leadership and its role in solving inter-personal issues
  • Role of a leader in establishing working environment
  • Leadership and management cost - evaluate the connection

Seven Style of Leadership

Management Information Systems Dissertation Topics

Role of information systems is to provide the management with adequate information required for taking various decisions. So, there can be information related to performance, cost structure, strategies and many more. You can chose to work on following dissertation topics related to management information systems:

  • How Morrison’s utilize management information systems for achieving market leadership
  • Role of management information systems in the functioning of Tesco
  • What are the requirements of Sainsbury for developing a sound management information system?
  • How efficient management information system can help a company have an edge over competitor - an analysis
  • Understanding the need of management information systems in a diversified company
  • How management information systems prove to be a boon to retail industry
  • Management information system model of a multi-brand electronics store
  • Management information systems and its various roles in a cross-border organization

Advertising and Promotions Dissertation Topics

Advertising is conveying of information of product or service through audio, visual and print media in order to create awareness towards the offering among consumers. A variety of dissertation topics can be chosen for scoring good grades in management assignments:

  • Print media and its impact on buying behaviour of consumers
  • Prime time on TV: Its significance in the success of an advertising campaign
  • Analysis of advertising campaign - reasons behind failure of an advertising campaign
  • Is celebrity endorsement a sure-shot way to market leadership? Explore pros and cons
  • Promotional discount offers: Analyse its effectiveness
  • Effect of advertising campaign on the consumer behaviour
  • Why consumers get attracted towards negative promotion?
  • How to maximize revenues with the help of advertising campaign?
  • How advertising is beneficial for branding? Is too much advertising harmful too?

How to structure your dissertation

Dissertation needs to follow a structure with logical flow. There is always a need for making dissertations readable if the aim is to increase its engagement quotient. Thus, you must choose a topic that can be explored and presented in a very logical format. Important parts of a management dissertation topics are:

  • Dissertation proposal: Discuss the problem you choose to address through dissertation proposal.
  • Literature Review: Study of existing information sources and past research works to explore the problem.
  • Research methods: Overview of research methods applicable and ascertaining their utility with the help of pilot study.
  • Dissertation defense: Writing your view point using the researches done in the past and also through field study.
  • Conclusion: Write conclusion mentioning the future scope of dissertation and underlying limitations.

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