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Managing Quality Gaps In Food & Beverage Service

Significance of Food & Beverage Service


The following dissertation includes the analysis of the significance of the food and beverage services in providing satisfaction to the customers or guests. The food and beverage services have become a crucial part of the hotel service in providing satisfaction to the customers. The research includes the discussion about the aims and objectives of providing satisfactions to the guests by the way of food and beverage services of the hotel. The research is conducted to know the service quality gaps in food and beverage industry.

Customers are the integral part of hospitality industry; therefore, there satisfaction is very important. Through this research it has been analyzed how applying different methods of service quality, these gaps can be removed, so that maximum satisfaction level is attained by the customers. In order to analyze the food and beverage sector of hospitality industry Hotel Cobham Hilton has been explored. The research discusses about the role of quality services and training in Food and Beverage department in serving out the quality services to the customers, so that it helps in growth of the Hotel and increasing the satisfaction level of the customers.

The research also includes the research methodology section in which the methods of research have been explained. The primary and secondary method has been used in the research in order to gather the data for the purpose of the research, the data collected has been evaluated and analyzed in the research. The graphical presentation of the data collected through the primary data collection method has been used under the research. The primary research includes the survey method that has been conducted in order to note the response regarding the quality services provided in Hotel Hilton. For conducting the survey questionnaire was prepared for gathering the respondent’s response over certain questions. From the primary research it was examine that most of the respondents believe that hotel offers competitive prices, provide quality services, training to the staff, 24 hours services to the customers, along with that it also offers reliability, credibility and security to the customers in order to gain the customer satisfaction and loyalty. The conclusion and recommendation section has also been included in the research. At last the reflective statement has been presented to provide the learning’s from the research.


The dissertation is based over the significance of Food and Beverage services in providing satisfaction to guest in Hotel. The research also covers about the importance of quality services in maximizing the customer satisfaction that returns in the form of profits to the Hotel (Yicktse and Ho 2009).

The dissertation on Food and Beverage service selected because this issue holds vital role in Hospitality Industry. As customers cannot endure bad quality of F&B service, they require high quality (Chand and Kapoor, 2010). At the present time, most of the star and non-star hotels provide prime importance to quality services in all their departments, especially in F&B. In the present time the crucial need of hospitality industry is to understand the requirements of the industry, specially the behavior of the customers and its expectation. In order to meet the expectations of the customers the quality services play an essential role in growing the satisfaction level (Dabholkar, Thorpe and Rentz, 1996). Cultural diversity is also driven according by the industry, and food and beverage services has diverse workforce, therefore, it’s important that changes need to be made along with the diversification in the services so that more customers would be able to avail the diversified services. The dissertation discusses about the different factors that creates challenges in Food and Beverage department and how it is managed through quality services provided to guests (Scott and Laws 2006).

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1 Hotel Hilton: Hilton or Hilton & Resorts is an international hotel chain that provides luxury hotels. It was founded by the Conrad Hilton in the year 1919, and is franchise or managed by individual operators by Hilton. Hilton is one of the most popular and recognized name in hospitality industry. Hilton is recognized as the most stylish and forward thinking hotel as it is the global leader in the hospitality. In the current time, Hilton has expanded its services in many parts of the world. It is also providing full service hotel brand, having 3750 hotels and 504 resorts in six continents in comparison to others hotels like Marriott, Accor, Radisson, etc. The hotel organizes inaugural balls, business events etc (About Hilton 2011).

The hotel not only provides the lodging sector having luxurious full service, rather it also provides resorts having suites service at high price, because many other services like golf, spa, etc are provided by the resort. The organization was established before 93 years and offers leisure travels business, other facilities like accommodations, amenities, value, and service (Marshall and Rossman, 2010). The company emphasis on marketing its leisure travels and business travel in many cities, airports, convention centers, vacation in resorts, and leisure oriented hotels. The company is fully dedicated towards providing quality services to the guest so that they could have ever lasting experience across all its global brands (Davis, Lockwood, Alcott and Pantelidis 2008).

The organization offers more than 3750 hotels, timeshare properties, 6,15,000 rooms in around 85 countries that includes Conrad Hotels & Resorts, Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts, DoubleTree by Hilton, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Hilton Garden Inn, Homewood Suites by Hilton, Hilton Grand vacations, and Embassy Suites Hotels (Rutherford and Fallon, 2007). Along with all these services the company manages to provide world class guest rewards program named as Hilton HHonors (About Hilton, 2011). Hilton maintains the industry standards and provides the world class quality products and services to its guests. Through its innovative approach in context of service, amenities, and products it is becoming very popular among the guests. Hotel Hilton is the first hotel all around the world who has received the Green Seal environment certifications through which the hotel leads among all the hotels (Chand and Kapoor, 2010).

For attracting large number of guests, it started its first multi-hotel reservation system, first airport hotel, and it is also recognized as the first United States coast-to-coast hotel chain. Due to its innovative approach in work and in handling each service of the hotel, team members all around d the world share Hilton spirit of hospitality, because it includes brand’s special culture. Team members try to provide best services to the customers, and also try to shape the journey of the guest and make it more comfortable. Hilton not only provide quality services to the guest rather it is also appreciates its role as the global citizen and value the communities it serves or look after. Team members of the hotel and brand support varieties of philanthropic activities and encourage its guests to participate in its efforts (Hilton Resorts 2012).

2 Hilton Cobham: Hilton Cobham hotel is very popular hotel situated just 25 miles from central London. The hotel provides modern 21m²/226sq.ft guest room with high speed internet access. It also provides the spacious deluxe rooms of 26m²/280sq.ft size, having separate sitting areas and some have garden view. It also provides spacious rooms, in warm tones, large space and opening windows, and also provides connecting rooms on requests. The hotel Hilton has a high rate of occupancy in seasonal period, which means during the Christmas Period or on other holidays. The hotel offers swimming pool in the hotel and for relaxing sauna and pool is available for the guests along with the health club. The hotel offers golf course and tennis court to its guests, so that they could have some relaxing exercises and enjoyment while there stay at the hotel. Food and Beverage section of the hotel is one of the popular sections, as it is popular in providing quality and innovative products and services to its guests. The occupancy rate at F&B is always full. The Cobham restaurant offers simple, delicious dishes grill in Mediterranean and sip in Costa coffee. The Cobham restaurants also indulged in pastry in the café (Hilton Cobham hotel, 2012).

The hotel offers different facilities to its guest, so that they journey becomes comfortable and enjoyable. For reaching Cobham Hilton one can take half an hour drive from Heathrow airport and 40 minutes distance from the Gatwick Airport. Within the hotel there is business centre, 13 meeting rooms in which around 300 people can come at a time (Hilton Cobham hotel 2012). The hotel also offers wireless internet facilities. Food and Beverage section of the hotel offers quality and quick service to the guests. Along with the Mediterranean dishes guests enjoy glass of wine. Mediterranean dishes from South France to North Africa like pizzas are offered to the guests. The hotel provides 24 hour room service to the guests and also focuses over the special dietary requirements including kosher food for the guests, which is the Jewish food. It is served with meat or dairy meal, and is mostly enjoyed in Jewish holidays and Shabbat first courses.

Cobham has continental style of café in which guests can relax; it also consists of contemporary décor and nightcap after the dinner. The Cobham restaurants also offers delighting and wide range of traditional Italian dishes cooked in the rustic surrounding presented in the 16th century farmhouse. Pizza Express is very popular in Cobham. The restaurants provide guarantee about the good Colloquial along with children taste catered on. The main thing which the hotel focus in quality and quick services to the guests, as these are the two major factors that satisfy the guest and generate the performance level of the hotel (Hernon and Whitwan 2001).

As guests are the significant factor for the company and for retaining them, it is very crucial for the hotel to adopt quality measures and total quality management techniques in the hotel, so that quality level could be maintained (Hilton History & Heritage 2011). Hotel Cobham Hilton also adopt quality check and quality audit in the hotel, so that if there is any pitfall it could be recognize on time and corrective actions could be undertaken. Hotel also provides environment friendly products to the guest, so that environment is not effected and quality of the product is maintained. The hotel adopts the Green Start through which the resources that are required in assessing the business and for sustaining are retained in the organization (Charlesworth, 2007). Through adopting quality measures the organization can also increase its profitability and leads to the growth of eth organization among its competitors and build its goodwill among the customers.

3 Total Quality Management in Hotel Cobham Hilton: Total Quality management is the crucial and critical aspect of hospitality organization as it helps in overcoming all the challenges related with the assurance of the quality. Total Quality management is defined as the framework in the organization that responds quickly and timely to all the alternations in the customer’s requirement (Minghetti, 2003). It is an ongoing process within the hospitality organization that supports to move towards the improvement in different facets of the Hotel. Total quality management is very useful in recognizing the satisfaction level of customers, development of quality management, and participatory management (Vavra 2002). Total quality management can be defined as the integrated effort of the Hotel for setting quality as the priority and placing requirement and needs at the first. Total quality management is all about fulfilling the quality expectations of the customers. Different attributes of total quality management is continuous improvement, quality tools, and customer focus (Goldstein 2009). In the hotel quality is linked with the excellence and the best hotel gets the 3 Star Michelin for its excellence (Rutherford and Fallon, 2007).


The research is based over the importance of food and beverage services in providing the satisfaction to guests. As food and beverage is the most significant part of hospitality industry, the quality is expected through it.


The aim of this research is to evaluate the quality gaps in food & beverage at Hilton Cobham. The research provides support in evaluating and investigating the challenges faced by hospitality industry in providing the quality services to the guests. It gives the in-sight of the importance of total quality in F&B, because to large extend the reputation of the company depends over it. It highlights the importance of training to the hotel staff, so that they could learn the principles of food and beverage services and practice these principles.
Following are some set objectives of the research:
To evaluate the literature on service quality in restaurants.
To analyze the gaps in service quality at Hilton Cobham.
• To make recommendations to improve service quality at Hilton Cobham


What are the customer’s expectation level and their perception towards Quality of service provided by Food and Beverage department staff?
• What is the incongruity fissure between expectation of customers and their perception towards quality of service provided by the Food and Beverage Staff?
• Explain the ten dimensions of Food and Beverage service quality?
• Explain the importance of training in increasing the service quality and variation in the range of services provided to customers?


The research study aims to meet the expectations of the customers through the quality services to the guests in order to increase the satisfaction of the guests. The study is very essential from the point of view of Food and Beverage department of Hotel Cobham Resort. The scope of the study is related to the role of the organizational food and beverage services department of the hotel in providing satisfaction to the customers. There is a great value of the food and beverage service department in enhancing the satisfactions of the customers. It is helps in enhancing the satisfaction of the customers in terms of taste and quality. The need of the organization to focus on the food and beverage services is on the priority of the research (Cousins, Foskett and Penningt, 2011). The research study will be beneficial for understanding the need for the training and development of the food and beverage service staff for enhancing the satisfaction of the customers. It will also help in further researchers in conducting the in-depth analysis of the effectiveness of the food and beverage services in enhancing the satisfaction of the customers (Churchill and Suprenant, 1992).

In the present scenario it is vital for the hotel organizations to organize and look at the food and beverage services of the hotel in order to provide the customers a high satisfactory experience by consuming the F&B in the hotel. The research also provides an understanding of the relationship in between the food and beverage services and the customer’s satisfactions. For maintaining the long term customer relationships it is vital for the organizations to train the food and beverage service staff, to provide quality services and increase the happy experience of the guests.

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The rationale or the purpose of the study is to conduct the research study which will contribute to the literature which seems to be insufficient and knowledge about the need of the food and beverage services in increasing the satisfaction of the customers. Through improving the food and beverage services the hotels can gain the loyalty of the customers and can retain them for long term. The research is also helpful in analyzing the need of the food and beverage services are meeting the expectations and perceptions of the customers towards the service quality of the hotel organization. The research also provides the details about the need of the increase in the skills and knowledge of the food and beverage service staff by providing them proper training, which will help in increasing the satisfaction of the customers. As the world is in the changing verge and changes every second the companies need to adopt different strategies by which they man meet and achieve the increasing expectation of the customers by improving the quality of the food and beverage services. The research study also focuses on the how the hotel management can increase the services provided by the food and beverage department, and gives the insight about various ways of bringing innovation and quality in the service provided.


The ideas and concepts related with the training and development is successfully discussed in the introduction chapter that is helpful in maintaining the relations with the customers. The chapter has covered the purpose of the study along with the scope of the study, so that reviewed of the whole research could be analyzed. Issues and problems related with the research are also covered in this chapter. Summarizing the main ideas of the study is focused over the need of training and development in the organization and how it helps in enhancing employee’s skills, profitability of the organization, and adopting the new technologies.


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