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Writing a Media dissertation is a tedious task, and a lot depends upon the quality of topic you have chosen. Dissertation topics should be up-to-date, provides scope for research and mirrors analytical abilities of the student. This article focusses on various aspects of media such as journalism, print journalism, culture, communications, music and arts, digital media and social networking and much more. If you are stuck at the point of choosing a media dissertation topic for writing a dissertation, you can refer to our list of media dissertation topics and get started.

Journalism Media Dissertation Help

Journalism and media go hand in hand. Reporting an incident and providing your viewpoint is the primary expectation from a journalist and you can find a variety of topics that can help you in writing dissertations of this field. Our assignment writers have provided assistance in writing dissertations to the topics such as:

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  • Are paparazzi legal? Understanding the importance of protecting privacy keeping Princess Diana case in focus.
  • What are various styles of reporting?
  • Celebrities use media as and when they wish. How can a media person defend his stand when someone accuses of privacy invasion?
  • Are journalists using celebrities’ private life for gaining readership?
  • Coverage of Syrian exodus: How this case proves that journalism can help expose serious issues?
  • Responsibilities of a journalist and how he should use his writing power to bring change

Freedom Of Expression Media Dissertation

Freedom of expression is the central thought of promoting journalism. Using freedom to express is important if you want to report and write about the happenings in an unbiased manner. Some important dissertation ideas to freedom of expression are:

  • How much coverage is complete coverage?
  • Freedom of expression is the basis of a democratic society. How?
  • Al-Jazeera has converted media into a tool of war.
  • why balanced approach is essential for Journalism?
  • Rationale behind using 24-hour coverage of important events
  • TV media has become a puppet in the hands of political parties. Why do media fail to cover incidents using unbiased approach?

Radio And TV Broadcasting Media Dissertation

  • Why aren’t all sections of people considered as news-makers?
  • Evaluating reach of Radio and TV Broadcasting against print media
  • Advertising strategy for the TV viewer
  • How consumers perceive radio broadcasting?
  • Rationale for setting time for broadcast of adult content on TV and how relevant it is
  • Are reality TV formats impressive enough to bring change in the thinking of viewer?
  • 24-hr news channels: Is pressure of filling channel time diluting the quality of news?
  • Soap Opera: Their role in building image of a TV channel

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Social Media And Journalism Media Dissertation Topic

  • Can anonymous commenting be labelled as journalism?
  • Is social media confusing people instead of keeping them informed?
  • Why is social media being seen as the panacea for all problems?
  • Should social media be held responsible for the undue propagation of irrelevant issues?
  • How is social media giving tough competition to other media types?
  • Social media and whistle-blowing: Finding the connection
  • How the level of freedom of expression should be defined in a social media discussion?

Censorship Media Dissertation

What to watch and what not to watch is believed to be a personal prerogative. Still, looking at the impact of content that it creates in the minds of the receiver, there is a need to certify the work as viewable by all or not. Some mind-provoking censorship dissertation topics are:

  • Role of censorship in shielding children from inappropriate content
  • How religious beliefs decide the view-ability of any work of art?
  • Is censorship a tool or a hindrance? Justify its roles.
  • Banning pornography: Is censorship invading people’s privacy?
  • Role of censorship in controlling the breach of national security
  • Watergate Scandal - how relaxing rules can bring revolution.
  • How femininity is influencing the messages conveyed by film media
  • Why films are considered an effective medium for introducing a revolutionary idea
  • How perception of people towards films has changed in the last decade?
  • Aren’t films an exaggeration of thoughts and tend to create an illusion?
  • Role of film media in bringing change in the thinking of general population
  • Is classy always relevant? Examine the influence of classy content on the public viewpoint
  • Isn’t film media too monopolistic in approach?
  • How iconography is important in film media
  • Salman Rushdie being threatened for his work - does this incident justify the role of censorship?

Cross-Cultural Media Dissertation Topic

  • Why cross-culture is gaining popularity in TV media
  • Is too much of foreign media is detrimental to the value set of a nation?
  • Can cross-cultural media promote tolerance?
  • Is communication a challenge for cross-cultural media?
  • What important factors a producer requires keeping in mind while preparing a programme of global relevance

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