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Writing a Nursing Dissertation is one of the most imperative tasks for anyone who is pursuing higher education in the field. To write a high scoring paper, it is essential to choose contextual and compelling Nursing Dissertation Topics. Ideal Nursing Dissertation Topics are those that provide ample scope for research work and have claimant future prospects.

The factors to be kept in mind during the selection of Nursing Dissertation Topics for high scoring nursing thesis papers

  • Exhaustive Nursing Dissertation Topics reflects how immersed you are in the subject and how sincerely you want to explore it.
  • Contemporary Nursing Dissertation Ideas shows how updated you are about the recent developments that have taken place in the nursing sector.
  • To keep the reviewer/assessor engaged, Choose compelling nursing dissertation topics, as it will set a sure start for a high scoring final year paper.
  • An overall good topic aka question of the nursing dissertation can qualify it as a benchmark for other students to follow, that may also increase the chances of getting a good publisher for the final year paper.
  • Valuable Nursing Dissertation Ideas can give you an opportunity to present your paper in prestigious seminars; this implies scope for good exposure.
  • So, prepare for a wonderful nursing career right at the stage of selecting decent nursing dissertation topics. Each and every stage of writing is an important and selecting topic is something that should not be taken lightly at all.

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Various Samples for Nursing Dissertation Topics

Though the scope of nursing is very vast and so are the fields related to it, listed here are those fields, and related nursing dissertation ideas, where students enroll in large numbers:

Community Nursing Care

This field is concerned with the acts that are done to make the community a better place. Elderly, disabled and children’s nursing dissertation topics come into this category. Some samples for community nursing dissertation topics are:

  • Assessing the role of nurses in success or failure of heart health check programs at old age homes
  • Role of nursing in the treatment of victims of accidents like 9/11
  • Assessing the importance of nurses in health and fitness programs for homeless
  • Challenges of working as nurse in free medical clinic
  • Nursing plan for treatment of children seeking shelter in refugee camps
  • Preparing emergency kit for taking part in health programs devised for combating an epidemic
  • Community nursing activities that promote physique fitness among elderly
  • Assessment of medication program for infants living in foster homes
  • How policy makers, nurses, and others specialists can collaborate in making a community health-care center functional
  • Role of nursing in addressing the medical issues of prostitutes
  • Nursing program for providing medical help to TB patients

Ambulatory Care Nursing

24-hour health-care assistance to the patients in the outdoor emergency settings is the essence of Ambulatory Nursing. Exemplary Nursing dissertation topics related to this field are-Treatment plan for providing primary medical aid to a patient who has just suffered a stroke

  • Preparing first aid box for visiting the area stuck with Ebola virus
  • Role of a registered nurse in providing ambulatory care
  • Scope and model of ambulatory nursing practice
  • Ambulatory Oncology: Nursing pattern and plan
  • Allocation of nurses for ambulatory cases
  • Assessment of workload of an ambulatory nurse
  • Value analysis and proposition of an ambulatory nurse in health-care centers.
  • Orem’s Self-preservation nursing model and its relevance in ambulatory care

Holistic Care Nursing

The area involves rehab and spiritual healing procedures and the role of nurses in it. The relevant nursing dissertation topics are-Role of nursing in providing holistic care to individuals

  • Rehabilitation program model of a smoking and alcohol addict
  • Using spirituality in providing holistic health care
  • Evaluating self-care program for a skin disease patient
  • Methods to induce self-responsibility in a heart patient
  • Assessing health beliefs - various health myths and procedure to break them
  • Factors contributing to holistic health and role of nurses in achieving it

Geriatric Care Nursing

It is the specialized field that is concerned with the old age health problems. In some nations, it is also known as senior health management. Area of research in the field is very broad. The ideal geriatric nursing dissertation topics are-

  • Nursing plan for a highly dependent Alzheimer's patient
  • Treatment plan for old patients at a community old age home
  • Complexities involved in treating an old patient
  • Medicine schedule for an old patient suffering from a neural disorder
  • Nursing care plans for old patient with partial memory loss
  • Advice on managing diabetes and hypertension
  • How to ensure maximum functionality of an old patient with medical care
  • Ways to promote healthy aging while managing chronic diseases
  • Factors contributing to the long life of Europeans

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Role of Informatics in Nursing

In the digital age, there is no sector left untouched by technology. In the nursing sector, the computer-based applications and devices for carrying out various health investigation procedures are gaining prominence. Already sonographers, x-ray specialists, and other health screening experts are learning a great deal about informatics’ role in the field. Hot off press Informatics nursing dissertation topics are:

  • IT infrastructure model for developing information system of a nursing station
  • How IT can help in staffing process
  • Nursing helps in robotic surgery
  • Biotechnology and its role in various nursing programs
  • Hand-held ultrasound devices: How nursing specialists benefit from them
  • Role of technology in improving healthcare
  • How IT saves time while treating patients
  • Managing database of super-speciality hospital OPD - major challenges

Midwifery Care and Supervision

Midwifery is that branch of nursing that is dedicated to providing pre and post-natal care to infants and mothers. Some important children’s nursing dissertation topics are also from this area. Other suggestible Midwifery Dissertation Topics are-

  • Healthcare plans for a premature baby
  • Nursing plan for a pregnant woman suffering from diabetes
  • Role of a nurse in treating post-partum depression
  • Positive effects of nursing care post-delivery
  • Support of nurse in carrying out C-section
  • How midwives can influence the healthcare decisions pertaining to post-delivery period
  • Best healthcare and hygiene practices nurses should follow for taking care of pregnant woman

Neuroscience Nursings

Special care is required for patients suffering from brain ailments. Hence, the role of nurses increases exponentially in the medical cases related to Neuroscience. There is a constant need for monitoring and nursing in the field, and so a variety of nursing dissertation topics can be found in the area, such as-

  • Preventive care for helping a stroke patient
  • Nursing care plans for a brain stroke patient
  • Nursing care plans for an anxiety disorder patient
  • Role of nursing in treating a patient with depression
  • How nursing can ensure the better management of nervous disorders

Structure of a Nursing Dissertation

A nursing thesis is a written essay, popularly known as final year paper, that addresses an important issue and sometimes provides a detailed explanation of the concepts related to the problem. The idea of writing a nursing thesis is to understand the challenges that a student may face while pursuing his daily activities as a nursing specialist.

Hence, it is comprehensible to choose relevant dissertation topics. A nursing dissertation is a well-structured assignment that helps a student in understanding incidents, current situations and past occurrences in the backdrop of the theories they study in a classroom session.

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