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Internet Marketing Strategies Role

Know the Tips used in the Role of Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Strategies

The notion of internet marketing strategies and customer acquisition are very common for the business world. Due to the technological and social changes both the notions have created their significance in the success of a firm in international market. Effective online shopping and web based programs provide a competitive advantage to the business firms. The main purpose of conducting this study is to offer an extensive range of literature review in the area of internet marketing. By means of the following dissertation, researcher wants to explore about theoretical framework of internet marketing and it’s important to acquire customers for long term. Along with the discussion about theoretical framework of internet marketing and customer acquisition, researcher has also explored the benefits of having a web based shopping program for the firm. Some key drivers of enhancing importance of internet marketing strategies have also been highlighted by the researcher in this study.

For the effective evaluation of the research issue, researcher has created some aims and objectives which assesses the background and theoretical models of internet marketing and customer acquisition, also discovers the impact of online marketing and web shopping programs on customer acquisition process, and explores the key scope and driving forces that influences importance of Internet Marketing on customer acquisition and lastly proposes some alternative strategies to maximize benefits offered by Internet in most effective manner to acquire customer. In order to archive these objectives in a well effective manner, researcher has conducted a methodology by using different paradigms and approaches. Researcher has used qualitative design along with interpretive paradigm. Thus, throughout the research, in order to collect data, researcher has used both primary and secondary data collection method in specific single case study strategy, survey and semi structured interview methods and lastly questionnaires.

Additionally, for the evaluation of collected data, researcher has used thematic framework analysis. Posteriori themes given by the researcher are gaining trust of consumers, strengthening brand reputation, improvement in employee’s productivity, which increases in sales and profitability and 24*7 hours services for global consumers. According to the major findings of this dissertation, researcher has found that internet has a significant role in the success of a business at global level and acquires global consumers. Furthermore, this study also explores that some other features of web site such as quality, picture, graphics, etc. attract consumers for long term. As per these findings, some recommendations offered by the researcher are customer services, maintaining pricing, development in quality of web and reduction in waiting time to gaining trust.

1.1 Background and Context

In this highly innovative and technological world, competition in retail industry has also increased and all the leaders of the industry are expanding their business beyond boundaries, thus implementation of internet marketing strategies is essential for the development of these companies and acquire customers by creating awareness about company’s products and services. This requires adoption of several of the marketing strategies to increase the awareness of the consumers about the available products and services online provided by the company (Levenburg, 2005).

In the global era, numerous well-known and major empirical studies have explored the depth and scope of opportunities presented by the World Wide Web in transforming the (b2c) and (c2b) business platform (Hee-Woong and Gupta, 2005). This progression has presented a wonderful prospect of traditional retailers and practitioners to improve their sales and profitability by using the World Wide Web platform and increase their sales and revenues. Most of the studies have evaluated the role of internet marketing to acquire customers and influence consumer’s perception to buy products over internet (Turban, 2010; Weltevreden, 2007; Miller, 2009). This statement is also supported by Hee-Woong and Gupta (2005) that the impact of internet on business is significant to consumer acquisition, in today’s, era as said to be an information age the use of the new technology has changed the method of traditional business model of selling products physically. The World Wide Web has taken most of the traditional market and requires awareness among consumers to adopt the new change and enter a new phase of buying (Hamill, 1997). More interestingly, the World Wide Web also has enough potential to manage businesses mechanisms to achieve brand strength and business growth. Several researchers have evaluated that Internet marketing strategies also enable a company to improve brand power and improve profitability, by:

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With the help of this information the company can match the expectation level of the customers and offer them products and services according to their wants and needs. The company can also tap several of the untouched market easily and cover large area without expanding their distribution channel. Incontestably, perceive value of a service or good has a significant impact on customer satisfaction. This value can be increased through internet marketing strategies by saving time and cost and offering quality services to attract and retain consumers for long term. By adopting these strategies, the consumers will find it more convenient to make shopping by simple sitting at home and finding goods and services of their choice. There are also several of the alternative options for each category of goods which were not available in the traditional marketing and buying system (Doole and Lowe, 2008). Apart from this, online shopping programs also support an enterprise to identify and target their best customers and manage marketing campaigns with high quality sales for the organisation (Grigoroudis and Siskos, 2009).

Undeniably, the growing potentials and the loaded array of prospective rewards which the internet provides for both consumers and businesses have supported the increasing interest in e-commerce and online shopping. The fastest developing facet of “web usage” and customer acquisition strategy for businesses can be effectively use through E-commerce (Forsythe and Shi, 2003).

Apart from this, web shopping also saves time of both customers as well as salesperson, which also enhances productivity of the employees and allows them to manage company and customers database in an effective way. This information is also utilized by salespersons to understand the customers’ decision making ability, and the type of products and services demanded by the segment of consumers. The time saving feature of the online shopping system is the biggest advantage for the consumers, as in this busy life people find it difficult to spare time from their busy schedule for shopping, so this serves as the best advantage for the consumers.

Internet marketing strategies in Grocery market is linked with both business-to-business marketing and business-to-consumer marketing. Instead of this impressive growth and potential rewards of internet marketing strategies, the status quo of e-marketing service is significantly poor and unutilized by business firms. For instance more than 75% shares of online market in UK retail industry are captured by the major players such as Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury and Morrison. Nevertheless, only 15% market shares detained by other retailers (Defra, 2009).

As more evidence suggests, the World Wide Web is a platform that presents tremendous possibilities for businesses to acquire customers and triumph in this highly dynamic and competitive business era that is dominated by traditional brick and mortar players. Various references and study material is available about the knowledge to improve definite processes and practices for retailers to enhance their sales (Chong and Shafaghi, 2010). By utilizing this information and understanding consumer behaviour retailers can handle changing demands of the consumers in the technological and innovative society.

1.2 Aims and Objectives

The main aim of this study is to critically evaluate the role of internet marketing strategies on customer acquisition by using a case study analysis of Tesco. As per the title of the study, aims and objectives of this study are as follow:

1.3 Scope

Since the main aim of this research study is to evaluate the role of internet marketing strategies in customer acquisition, this study also emphasize some other essential aspects associated with the significance of internet marketing strategies and other driving forces that influences the buying behaviour of the consumers. This study is beneficial for both firms and consumers to manage fast pace of life, improving traditional marketing process, strengthen social and economic environment, effective utilization of IT requirements and wireless technology such as internet, telephone, Bluetooth, etc.

It has been also evaluated that internet marketing strategy and online shopping programs are not only the complete solution to attract the consumers for long time and enhance the profitability but also a part of the solution to acquire consumers and enhance profitability. Online marketing process also impact on satisfaction level of customer’s, as it provides the consumers with a variety of products and also those products, which are not in their reach through the normal marketing or direct selling techniques (Aungst and Wilson, 2005).

Additionally, this study also captures driving forces that motivate the consumers to buy some particular product or prefer some particular company or brand. Additionally, this study has a scope for the B2C and B2B e-commerce models that impact both traditional marketing concepts and internet marketing strategies. Besides this, this dissertation also focuses on the marketing approach and strategies used by Tesco to become successful in global retail industry such as web shopping programs, e-CRM process, club card membership and other issues associated with the traditional and online marketing process.

Finally, this research study focuses on the case study of Tesco in order to understand the role of internet marketing strategies to acquire customers. This study also offers some alternative suggestions to Tesco to improve the current strategies as per the changing environment.

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1.4 Rationale

The main purpose of conducting this research study is to contribute to inadequate literature and knowledge about the internet marketing on the necessity for the retailing firms. This way companies would be able to acquire global customers by utilizing the opportunities offered by technology such as internet. The strategic structure of web marketing should be adopted by the firms because it directly influences the perceptions of the consumers to buy the product of the company and save time as well operating cost. Furthermore, development of wireless technology and increases in use of World Wide Web has opened the doors of opportunities for business firms for global sales and global commercialisation (Boone and Kurtz, 2006).

But unfortunately, most of the business organisations have not very much aware with the fact that internet marketing strategies play a significant role to acquire customers from globally. The main purpose of this study is to explore the importance of web shopping programs for retail industry that allows the companies to offer products and services 24*7 hours as per the needs and requirements of the customers. In addition, this study also provide evidences to the retail companies that how internet marketing strategies promote the firms at international level to acquire customers and how companies can use this profitable application to enhance profitability. 

1.5 Overview of Dissertation

1.5.1 Research Questions

To construct this investigation and help research work into the field of internet marketing, research questions are as follow:

The sub questions of the study will be:

1.5.2 Enquiry Overview

This research has main aim to evaluate the role of internet marketing strategies on customer acquisition. It will be done with the help of a classic example of Tesco Plc. This research concentrates on categorization of the extent and drivers of internet marketing and its relative impact on consumer buying intentions and behaviour. The structure of this study is as enumerated below:

Introduction: First and foremost chapter of this research provides information about company background and its online marketing strategies. Apart from this, research background is also discussed along with the purpose statement. Research has defined role of internet marketing strategies and its impact on customer acquisition is described. Apart from this, Tesco’s online shopping system is also introduced. At the next move, this chapter highlights the aims and objectives along with the research questions to discuss theoretical areas of internet marketing. At last, scope and limitations of the study is also discussed in this chapter.

Chapter two is about the analysis of extensive articles and literature to explore academic framework of internet marketing strategies. In the beginning, definition of internet marketing has given and explained in detail. Secondly, the theoretical framework with reference to the internet marketing strategies drivers and determinants to acquire customers has also described. A detailed discussion about Tesco’s internet marketing strategies and the manner in which they acquire the consumers has also given in this part.

Chapter three presents research methodology and the researcher has used qualitative research methods to collect data. The main aim of the research and the methodologies used are been described in detail. As research design and methodology are the most significant parts of a study with which pertinent data, facts and information are gathered and accumulated in relation to the research topic. It is also extremely crucial as through research methodology the relevant data are collected which would be valuable in solving the research problem in an effective and efficient way. To collect reliable and accountable data, used both primary and secondary research methodologies are used by researchers. Research philosophies, approaches, strategies, and data collection methods and their justification has also provided in this chapter.

Subsequently, chapter four present analysis of findings through thematic framework analysis. In this researcher has developed some priori and posterior themes to categorize data and reach at valid results. Chapter five is the conclusion and recommendations part. It provided a summary about the results that are explored by researcher. It also established a relationship between research objectives and outcomes along with the recommendations for Tesco Plc. This part also includes suggestions related to the research which has been found out, and which can be used by Tesco for increasing its marketing strategies.

1.6 Summary

The introduction chapter of this research study has provides a consistent set of ideas and concepts about the role of internet marketing strategies in consumers acquisition. This also describes about the types of the strategies used by the business to acquire the consumers. By means of this chapter, researcher has explained the importance of internet marketing strategies along with the research aim and objectives. With the assistance of aims and objectives, researcher has established the issues and problems within the context of internet marketing and its role in customer acquisition. This chapter also offers comprehensive outline about the structure as well as purpose statement.

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