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Some Examples of Past Dissertations

Risk Management System
09 Mar , 2016 39950 Views

Functions of Risk Management System Introduction Risk is a probability or threat of liability, damage, injury, loss or some other unwanted occurrence that takes place due to either internal or external vuln...

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Students’ Perceptions of Native & Non-native English-speaking Teachers
09 Mar , 2016 36261 Views

English-speaking Teachers in Saudi international secondary schools Introduction In the current dynamic era, The English language has become a widely spoken language across the world. After Mandarin & Spanis...

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Personal Leadership & Management Development
08 Mar , 2016 33711 Views

Introduction to Personal Leadership & Management Development Personal Leadership and Management Development is a very important concept, as it is the only way through which performance as well as productivit...

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Economics Role in Marketing Strategy
12 Feb , 2016 30870 Views

Economics For Developing Firm Developing a good marketing strategy is as important as developing a quality product which is accepted in the market. Marketing strategy can be defined as that enables the o...

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Recreation Managers For Increasing Employees
25 Feb , 2016 37477 Views

Description About Increasing Employees The proposed study speaks in volume about the roles and responsibility of managers in organizations for giving rewards to their employees of subordinates in the context to their mot...

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