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Islamic Accounting & Ijarah Reporting Sample
29 Feb , 2016 29023 Views

Islamic accounting :Introduction The amount of capital required by the companies operating in the market is one of the major concerning issues for them. It is required by the companies that they should maintain a signifi...

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The top 10 lead generation strategies
13 Feb , 2016 20337 Views

INTRODUCTION Lead generation defines the marketing procedure of capturing and stimulating interest in service or product for the reason of sales pipeline development. Lead generation often makes use of digital channels a...

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Reverse Logistics & Waste Management
13 Feb , 2016 27334 Views

Introduction Most discussions on ‘’Logistics’’ assumes the traditional definition of the term as ‘’the movement of products from manufacturer through a chain of intermediaries – ...

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How to create a Brand
29 Feb , 2016 23203 Views

Introduction to Brand Creation A brand of any product is responsible for its sales, reputation, and relationship with other brands in the market. The term brand could be understood as a name, logo with attachment of any ...

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Suncor Energy: Expand Its Investment In Kazakhstan?
13 Feb , 2016 22398 Views

Introduction to Suncor Energy Over the years, I have developed a large interest about every aspect of the oil industry. In the past year, my interests grew significantly due to clear understanding of the oil market from ...

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