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Economics Role in Marketing Strategy
12 Feb , 2016 30870 Views

Economics For Developing Firm Developing a good marketing strategy is as important as developing a quality product which is accepted in the market. Marketing strategy can be defined as that enables the o...

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The Future Of Islamic Bonds (suksk) In Kuwait
29 Feb , 2016 24988 Views

INTRODUCTION ON ISLAMIC BONDS The whole research study is based on the Future of Islamic Bonds (SUKUK) in Kuwait. As per the recent market condition of the Kuwait, the economy has faced some of the major changes due to t...

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Indian Infrastructure Industry
13 Feb , 2016 40784 Views

INTRODUCTION In recent times, Indian infrastructure development is scaling greater height. In India, this industry is not only limited to construction roads, but also encompasses railways, water supply, airways, telecomm...

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Impact of Recession on Organization
13 Feb , 2016 26608 Views

Abstract Background: In the environment of recession, it is very important for hotels to determine effective strategies to minimize the impact recession and budget cut. There are different types of strategies such as ...

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Importance of Budget Planning for Organizations
13 Feb , 2016 22577 Views

Budget Planning For Organizations The purpose of the dissertation is to throw light on the importance of budget planning for organizations. With respect to this, the dissertation provides a good understanding about budget plann...

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