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Risk Management System
09 Mar , 2016 39950 Views

Functions of Risk Management System Introduction Risk is a probability or threat of liability, damage, injury, loss or some other unwanted occurrence that takes place due to either internal or external vuln...

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Personal Leadership & Management Development
08 Mar , 2016 33711 Views

Introduction to Personal Leadership & Management Development Personal Leadership and Management Development is a very important concept, as it is the only way through which performance as well as productivit...

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Inventory Management
29 Feb , 2016 40787 Views

INTRODUCTION toinventory management The inventory management of John Lewis ensures that all its products are available at every store on time and according to the requirements. In order to make sure effectiv...

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Improving Service Quality Standards in UK Retail
08 Mar , 2016 22662 Views

1.1. Introduction Most of the companies engaged in service businesses are making their best efforts in order to improve their service quality with a view to satisfy their customers, especially in regards with the r...

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Impact of Management
29 Feb , 2016 20702 Views

Study of Impact of Management Styles upon the Employees The present study tries to understand the impact of management styles on employee approach to customer service in India and USA. It is very important for companies ...

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