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Surgical Treatment
13 Feb , 2016 22619 Views

Introduction to Surgical Treatment Fibroids are non cancerous growth of the womb (uterus). These are known by many names such as uterine fibromyomas myomas or leiomyomas. They vary in sizes being as small as a pea or as ...

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Prevent Ventricular Fibrillation Tachycardia with ICD
29 Feb , 2016 20088 Views

Proposed Research and its relationship to previous work Sudden cardiac death can be considered as a major health problem that is being faced by most of the heart patients across the world. It is also being regarded as on...

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Infection Prevention & Control Policies
29 Feb , 2016 37263 Views

INTRODUCTION Healthcare-associated infections (HCAI’s) are the ones resulting from medical care or treatment in any setting (hospital, in- or out-patient, nursing homes, patient's own home) (HPA, 2013). Therefore, ...

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Modern Information Technology in Medical Infrastructure
25 Feb , 2016 24303 Views

Introduction to E-Health Sector According to the World Health Organization (WHO), health is a state of complete well being including that of social, mental, physical well being and not only an absence of diseases. In 200...

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Prevention against HIV/AIDS in Nepal
13 Feb , 2016 32723 Views

ABSTRACT This dissertation demonstrates some of the key challenges and issues of HIV/AIDS and prevention provided by government in Nepal. HIV/AIDS treatment services provided in Nepal is allied with various challenges an...

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