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Skills development and Training Importance

Know the Importance of development and Training


Training &Skills Development Importance

1.0 Introduction

The research planned is based on the human resource management. HRM is the most important area of concern for each and every business organizations. This is because organizations depend on the entrepreneurial behavior at a great extent that calls for a high degree of motivation and achievement to engender business excellence. The organizational performance has greatly been affected by the human resources and thereby, it is essential to follow right training and proper skills development. The extent to which the employees are committed to their work and organization has a significant on a performance of the organizations.

The effective training and skills development not only bring required change in the human behavior, but also enhance employee’s willingness to work and the desire to constantly improve his performance (Aguinis and Kraiger 2009). In context to the efficient HRM, the importance of skills development and training is being explored. The main focus of the planned research is to assess how HRM and organization’s success are related with each other. The skills development and training importance in efficient HRM has been explored out in the hospitality sector, which is the one leading area of service industry. In relevance to the research planned, the introduction covers various sections include background, rational behind conducting research, its aims and objectives, research question and sub-questions and lastly structure followed throughout the research study.

1.1 Background of the Research

The efficient HRM is the major area of concern as this is directly related to the service efficiency and overall success of an organization. The management has to apply effective HRM tools to make thiveir employees highly motivated and committed towards business responsibilities (Puncheva 2008). Without effective HRM policies, it could not be easy to build self efficacy and promote employees motivation level. For each and every business organization, it is very important to focus towards HRM to build more efficient, effective and highly motivated workforce and team, which enhance the competitive position of the company and improve employee morale (Aguinis and Kraiger 2009). In context to this research topic, the dissertation investigates skills development and training importance in efficient HRM particularly in the hospitality sector.

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Training is defined as “a planned programme deigned to improve performance and to bring about measurable changes in knowledge, skills, attitude and social behavior of employees for doing a particular job”. Skills development on the other hand is defined as process of developing required skills to a greater extent as per job requirements (Aguinis and Kraiger 2009). In other terms, skills development is the way to improve to improve employee creativity and self efficacy, open mindedness, generate innovative ideas, and expertise, so on. In a changed economic set up with cut throat competition, an organization should give focus towards its employee efficiency as they are in direct contact with customers.

In the same context, the organizations strategies to compete effectively with rivals through brining new and innovative changes in products and services, designs and selling methods is only possible when their employees are more competent, and willing and highly motivated to perform job in the more effective and better way (Puncheva 2008). This signifies that training and skills development is highly important to improve quality of products and services. In an organization, training and skills development maximizes the use of human resources through optimizing the competence of available human resources along with utilizing unemployed workforce. Besides that, an initiation of the proper and timely training and skills development programs directly lead in improving competence for future challenges and thus, both has been crucial for efficient human resource management. Overall, in-depth research and investigation of this topic provide a good theoretical and practical knowledge pertain to the skills development and training importance in efficient HRM.

1.2 Rational of the Research

This is another significant part of the dissertation, which highlights rational behind conducting the research. The research is based on the topic of training and skills development importance, which is one of the quite learning and interesting areas of the research topic. A thorough study to the research will provide me good level of understanding and helps in knowing direct practical implications in the service organization. This is quite worthful research not only in terms of knowledge and learning, but also it has great implications in the practical or real situations. For instance; hospitality firms can easily adopt new innovations and techniques by providing required level of training to the workers (Burke and Hutchins 2007). As a result, hospitality firms can easily compete and withstand against competition with motivated and efficient HR.

The research in context to this area helps in improving knowledge about the need of training and skills development in the organization. Additionally, it reflects importance of training and skills development in respect to both employees and organization as a whole. In line with this context, the importance of training can easily be evaluated in terms of the quality and productivity improvement. This is because training prepares people to carry out present job more competently that would result into improving quality of service and productivity of employees and business organizations. The main focus of the research is to evaluate importance of HRM tools particularly training and skills development for efficient management of human resources, which is quite helpful for me in applying real life experience.

1.3 Aims and Objectives

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The dissertation is primarily aimed to research the skills development and training importance in effective HRM. In context to this topic, the research is focused on the hospitality sector. The main aim of the research is to assess and evaluate the significance of training and skills development to improve human resource practices or to keep proper alignment between organizational objectives and employee’s efficiency, skills, creativity and motivation level.

The main objectives of the research with respect to the defined research aim are mentioned as under:

1.4 Research Question and sub-questions

The main question of the research is, ““Are the employee training and skill development programs beneficial to improve the employee performance and overall standards of the organization”. The answer to this question reflects importance of training and skills development in context to the employees and an organization performance improvement.

The sub-questions or related questions of the research with respect to the objectives are mentioned as under:

1.5 Structure of the Dissertation

The structure of the dissertation reflects about the chapters, which are being covered in the whole dissertation. The brief details of the chapter covers in the dissertation are mentioned as under:

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1.6 Summary

The main focus of the dissertation is to evaluate importance of training and development in the efficient human resource management and organization success. In relevance to this, the dissertation focuses on training and skills development importance particularly in the hospitality organization.


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